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where to start tiling

This video shows how to determine the best place to start tiling a wall. It is important that the correct starting position is determined as you need to avoid getting in a situation where you need to cut thin slivers of tiles as it is almost impossible to cut thin slivers. The position between the floor and ceiling should be taken into consideration as well as the bath and window if there is one. For more tiling guides please see our tiling section here http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk/how-to/table/tiling/


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  1. correct tiled many times and you should always start from centre of wall making equal tiles widths at ends both horizontally and vertically always works for me ppl

  2. Once ..you've got your laser crosshairs positioned, it's always a good idea to mark the lines on the wall with a pencil and straightedge. Because you can bet the laser will get knocked out of position while you're working. It always happens. Lay all your main field tiles first. Then , get your cutter out, and do the cuts round the edges of the wall. This helps to keep your work space clutter free.

  3. Here's a great tip from Wickes and Schluter pros alike: use an exact template of the tile (paper, cardboard, wood) to pencil mark off all your tile. As you get to the sides, note how much off you are from a full tile. If it is a little, move your center over to one side so you have more tile than less for that one last tile, while subsuming the other side entirely. So, no tiny slivers on either side. You want the eye to feel balanced in any tile situation. It is, after all, about how things look. Balance is key.

    You start in the center because A. not all walls on either side are plumb or straight, and B. the wall or floor spaces will not coincide with your tile size choice. So it is always best to map out your tile setting before you do so, and your 'on-center' area should be variable so as to balance the edges of the room or wall. You need to plan exactly to the 16th. Tile has no wiggle room, it's not wood. You have to be accurate. And you have to consider how it falls on the observer. You want your tile work to be clean, balanced, and professional.

  4. Fuck it I'll just get The Romanian lads in.

  5. Poor mans laser is a flower watering can filled with food coloured water, 5metres of 3mm clear tubing inserted in the spout of watering can sat in centre of room raised off floor to approx tile height .Water will always find its natural level even if you were in another room or outside in daylight just put a black texta mark on water level mark on tube now that's your reference point your as good as the length of the clear tubing 100per cent accurate, Lasers can be out and not seen in daylight,

  6. great video, i dont have a fancy lazer but thinking it would save some time and something to consider but i use a long drywall ruler with a water level to mark out my points after i find center and try and keep the end tiles equal also top and bottom tiles due to my OCD but you explained it perfect

  7. thanks for the video! useful 👌👍👊👏❤

  8. Excellent explanation. Thank you!

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  10. few good tips there buddy. thanks

  11. Hi Im tiling a wetroom do i start with the walls or floor first for tiling im assuming the walls?

  12. How much can you bulk out the space behind the tile ,with the Tile mortar?

  13. the stick method is great tho if doing a full room with many obstacles like sockets windows sinks etc.

  14. Over the summer holidays I helped my dad tiling and on this job the plastering was so bad my dad had put a row of tiles on then take them off and put more tile adhesive on and the houses were new builds and the frames were made out of timber

  15. is not easier with a tape-measure ?

  16. sorry to ask again. what were the spacees called that you use for tiling

  17. never seen anyone tile with this level of care before.

  18. Not so great if your tiles are 20cm x 10cm

  19. erm not being funny but if you mark a wall dead centre, then measure one way, it will always be the same measurement the other way.

  20. Can you tile the floor first or is it better to do the walls first?

  21. What type of laser lever are you using?

  22. top class work, great to see u using levels, would never trust anyone who didn't work of levels

  23. Los ceramicos enteros empiezan donde da la vista apenas entras a la pieza colocada

  24. hats of to you sir. every diyer needs to know this. the layout makes or breaks the job quick

  25. Your are 100% correct in your setting out. Go to the library and read books on it ppl!

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