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Unboxing New Tools

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I have a few things hanging around my shop that I’ve been needing/wanting to unbox and put together. So today I take the time to do that.


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  1. what kinda blade are you using. it sort of looks like a benchmade but it is hard to tell..

  2. I am fascinated too with all the incredible tools to make so so much. i never have enough time!

  3. seus videos sao muito legais adoro eles ….principalmente na parte da macenaria continue com seu jeito humilde de trabalho legal demais

  4. I thought I was the only crazy one who left tools in boxes. My makita tables sat around for a year! My triton planer (like yours April) is waiting to be unboxed. Nice to see I'm in good company.

  5. Gotta luv tools. Cute presentation too. All smiles.

  6. well little miss thank you . yup your a girl reading the info first silly . good for you ! the more info we get the better we do . ttfn

  7. انا بعشقك وبعشق الجمال والفن والفنانين مثلك

  8. reading the instructions that's like cheating

  9. even slower today at work so I've been watching your vids all day. I had to stop this one at 6 minutes to comment on the crack on guys and owners manuals, I open a box and put the manual away and destroy the box before my wife sees it then I can tell her 'No honey, I've had that for year's. then I forget about the manual-i have quite a collection of brand new manuals for old tools in a box somewhere

  10. hey April I do care if is pretty lol

  11. It sound like you are saying (Sal) instead of (Saw).

  12. Hi April…..we continue from México 😘😘😘

  13. Binge watching your back catalogue (UK spelling :P) of videos – i'm the same with Styrofoam, the way it squeaks is like eeewwww i'd rather nails on a chalkboard. Anyway really enjoying your videos 🙂

  14. tras la mujer linda hermosa más hermosa que el Señor te bendiga belleza

  15. What is like to married a woman like her

  16. nice unboxing, fantastic, I'm still building my bench, and learning, good tips

  17. April, i love your videos. Very nice.

  18. I was thinking, who eats biscuits with gravy? Then I realised you weren't talking about chocolate digestives!

  19. OH WOW r u married, girl knows her way around da shop,

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