Retrieved 30 March Search for ” Crushed ” on Amazon. But when she comes in the next day she finds out everyone read her article and are teasing Toby. When Tracy Dani Harmer finds out Sapphire has got her hiding stolen goods in her bedroom, she tries to keep an eye on Sapphire. During the third series she gets her own flat, but due to a flood she finds herself moving back to Elm Tree House and sharing with Elektra. Toby is upset because he doesn’t want foster parents but wants his own parents instead. Meanwhile, Sapphire arrives and finds out she didn’t get an award, as the awards are based from last year.

Toby tries to stop her, but she goes anyway. In the first series of “Tracy Beaker Returns”, he is introduced as an overprotective brother desperate to get both himself and his sister Tee fostered, although he later softens his approach. She gets an offer to come to the college, but denies, and accepts for Tee on her behalf. A new girl called Elektra arrives at the Dumping Ground. On a visit to the Perry’s, Christie announces to Lily that she can move back in, which pleases Poppy and Rosie, however, Lily doesn’t seem enthusiastic. Family Mother Denise Jackson. When Melissa phones up the venue, her booking has been given to someone else and Melissa agrees with their parents about Elektra.

The Story of Tracy Beaker. When he tries to escape, he is caught by Mr Stevens, who is mad with Johnny at first, but softens towards Johnny retutns Johnny tells him he is in care.

Toby tries to stop her, but she goes anyway. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Angry at being humiliated, Sapphire eposodes home where Johnny and Elektra are already at her flat. She is quite mean, sarcastic, and cunning, and whilst she does have caring moments, and begins friendships with Toby, Carmen and Johnny, she mainly displays her tough, uncaring and mean side.

Carmen accidentally knocks down a sweet stand with an inflatable seahorse, e;isodes the service station manager. The bullies aim to carry out a robbery and pick one of the trio to do the work for them. But when she comes in the next day she finds out everyone read her article and are teasing Toby.


Tracy Beaker Returns Series 1 Episode 9 Good Luck Boy

So she was unfit to take care of Tyler. Family Father Steve Kettle. Family Mother Sally Lewis. She gets lost whilst waiting for Tee, and finds herself in a drama class.

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The landowner approaches Mike and apologises for turning them down when he wanted to book a holiday there as she thought the young people would be out of control. Dennis fires Tracy, and subsequently tries to geturns Lizanne for the fire at Burnywood.

Luckily, Tracy saves Mike and she is glad that he is all right. Mike Connor Byrne later tells Carmen that her social worker says it’s OK for her mum to geaker, but Carmen doesn’t want to see her.

Nicky Lu Corfield is robbed by a stranger and Johnny discreetly takes a photo of the mugger. Melissa breaks the news that she is going to get married to a man named Harvey. However, the two friends reconcile.

Meanwhile, Sapphire comes back due to a flood at her flat and gets angry very quickly. But Johnny swore he wasn’t the one in Carmen’s bedroom. They were able to escape to England because they feared that they would be killed if they remained in Libya. She gets an offer to come to the college, but denies, and accepts for Tee on her behalf.

The problem is that Steve has a restraining order against him which precludes him from having contact with his three daughters; however, the issue is resolved as Steve manages to get the restraining order removed so he can be a proper dad to Lily.

Convinced Steve would do better without official interference, Carmen and Tee help Lily plot a second meeting between Lily and her sisters — without telling anyone her dad will be there too; Tracy is persuaded to take the girls to the park where Steve is waiting with a picnic spread. He is always seen wearing a blue shirt and beige trousers, and enjoys playing the piano, but is socially awkward due to the Asperger’s; he despises too much noise, and hates disorder, feeling that everything must be timetabled.


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Full Circle 8 January Lily tells her dad that their social worker, Rob Neil Armstrongsaid he can have another chance with Poppy and Rosie.

Tracy is upset about this, as she loves Lily as her little sister, but Cam says that both of them never really had her, and that they are just giving her back. Carmen also went out with Rick in the episode ‘Be My Girl’ but the two broke up after finding their relationship too challenging. Mike initially refuses to let Kali stay, however, Elektra convinces Mike to change his mind. Liam is of medium-height and has brown hair and eyes.

Liam gets a letter from a big brother he didn’t even know he had. He departed in series 1 of The Dumping Ground during the episode S. Retrieved 30 March Luckily they got a refund when Toby had prove that one of their workers Terri Fender had allowed an year-old boy to take part in a competition, where you had to be 18 or older. Carmen recognises one of the children as a boy called Tyler who nicked all her stuff at Burnywood and the person who bashed her.

He was put into care after his parents died in a car crash. Dennis searches everywhere, but the money can’t be found. Normally, Mike would make the certificates, however disaster strikes so Tracy has to do it this year. Toby decides that he does not want to be fostered by Mr and Mrs Scott. But Gina comes in to see what all the noise is about, and unluckily gets hit by the flour bag thrown by Rick. Gina Conway John Bell