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Top Tools You Need for Your Summer Construction Job

Here’s a look at the must-have tools you’ll need if your working on a construction project. Most are affordable and easy to find and having them organized will help.
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  2. Also need to bring along some common sense – don't get yourself killed or maimed on your first week at work. Think how you're gonna do the job safely and to a good standard before you start. Always measure twice!, even better to keep a note book.

  3. most important thing is not a good attitude!!
     its a notebook!!!

  4. Personally, I wouldn't do any kind of construction without an awl, I use mine all the time

  5. Throw the cats paw and the chalk line in your bags too. Also get a good carbon steel pocket knife. An Opinel No 7 is what I use. Get a good pair of safety glasses and waterproof steel toe boots. Learn to use a worm saw. You'll be fine just be willing to learn

  6. my grandpa was a logger and there was this one time he had to go on the tree and chop of the branches and he got injured so is left arm doesn't work right but this was long time ago and I'm thinking of going either law enforcement or construction when I get older and can you do one talking about construction like what kind of math and stuff that they use please

  7. Good stuff to start with. One tip…the words "I know" should not be in your vocabulary. Even if you think you know, listen to your boss and never, never say "I know"! The guy who taught me to be a carpenter taught me that and I have taught it to many guys since! Good luck, it's tough work in the beginning, but the more skills you learn the more rewarding the profession is!

  8. Jon,
    All good suggestions on tools.   I would add along with having a good attitude and that is having the mind of a life long student.  Thanks for sharing.

  9. I have tryed to buy a metric speedsquare, but havent got any luck. You cant buy it here in Finland. Ebay sellers wont ship to Finland or if they ship, the shipping costs are too much.

  10. Cameron below is right with the Suspenders…otherwise….it doesn't matter how big your ass is "or isn't"….your belt will keep sliding around toward your feet.  Good tip on the voltage tester too…even better….a small "continuity tester" with someone showing new employees how to use.  Most youngin's will not admit when they "do NOT know something".

  11. I have to agree – as a supervisor I will take on and support any employee that is willing to put in a good effort, even if they don't yet have the skills, over someone that has a bad attitude or poor work ethic.

  12. A razor knife with plenty blades.
    Sharpie for marking when a pencil just isn't enough.

  13. Amazing thanks a ton! Just in time I start this friday 😀

  14. good suspenders for the tool belt are a must for me,

    plus the good attitude: willing to work and wanting to learn

  15. For my every day trim set up I keep:

    Speed square
    Combo square
    Painters tool
    Putty knife
    10-in-1 screwdriver
    Nail set
    Torpedo level
    2 pencils

  16. Cool post. Pretty much everything I have in my big belt… minus the wire cutters. Maybe add a few earth magnets for various tasks.

  17. 1.  Show up on time.
    2. Get some good COMFORTABLE boots you can stand in for 10 hours.
    3. Bring a tool belt with a hammer, tape measure and some pencils.
    The rest will take care of itself as your learn more about the job.  Look around and ask the others what other tools you'll need on your first day.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.

  18. Hey Jon, do you ever place your mask inside a plastic bag to keep it from getting dirty when not in use? I ask because i work in a manufacturing facility and i have to wear a mask to perform certain tasks. In our training videos we are instructed to store our mask in a bag. To me that just makes sense. I wondered if you do that and if you dont i really think you should.

  19. A good alarm clock to get to work ON TIME!!!!

  20. Don't forget to bring your balls. Nothing worse than a helper afraid to do anything.

  21. I own and operate my own residential construction business, and while the contents of my tool belt does vary with the job that is being done that day, there are some tools that almost NEVER leave my double pouches: tape measure, utility knife w/extra blade storage, pencil, sharpie, hammer (agree on the straight claw!), speed square (essential!), cats paw, 10-1 screw driver, chalkline, voltage tester. In ten years, I've learned that you can get 95% of your work done with those tools. Sometimes some tin snips get thrown in or a siding tool, or drywall tools…..but the above is the foundation for the other stuff. I also recommend some heavy suspenders for your tool belt. Your hips and back will thank you.

  22. Bring doughnuts and coffee too.

  23. Good dependable kit – cheers and stay safe.

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