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Top 5 Multi-Tools YOU MUST HAVE! ▶2

Amazing multi-tools that will simplify your life.


Bagel: http://goo.gl/DFQ4AC
COOLBOX: https://goo.gl/a6udNc
Lever Gear Toolcard: http://goo.gl/tPiaBK
Quickey: http://goo.gl/mdhA6n
Ergo Kiwi: http://goo.gl/0md9iH


  1. Bagel: The World’s Smartest Tape Measure. Bagel is a digital tape measure that helps you measure, organize, and analyze any size measurements in a smart way.
  2. COOLBOX: The world’s smartest toolbox. Coolbox brought the classic toolbox into the 21st century. Tools have changed, why not the toolbox?
  3. Lever Gear Toolcard: 40 Tools in 1 Slim Card. 40 tools in a beautifully crafted, credit card sized multitool w/removable money clip. TSA friendly.
  4. Quickey: the key that opens everything but doors. “We couldn’t believe this didn’t already exist, it seems so obvious and it is so useful.”
  5. Ergo Kiwi: A Better Knife for Designers and Makers. A precision cutting tool designed to reduce stress, strain and promote prolonged productivity.

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  1. If you want to put Money in garbage nothing else ❄️👎🏻

  2. Oh boy, they've invented items that already exist. Not one useful invention of the 5.

  3. Everyone who uses a bottle opener to open a beer should buy all of this. All other ones who uses any sharp edge next to you or even just a second bottle to open the beer. Don't buy this. All of it is moron shit for morons.

  4. LOL WTF, was all this stuff developed in Portlandia by IKEA employees?

  5. I want to purchase this product. how I can purchase it

  6. what the fuvk ate these cool box hipsters. someone please shoot em their product is shit

  7. every single one of these will never get made and you would be a fool to invest in them

  8. the tool box for beer drinkers their the ones that have fingers missing cause they have fingers missing from being pissed while using power tools the tool box for idiots

  9. china tools👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  10. except first one . all of them seem useless to me.. but the first one seems useless too. lol

  11. wo kann man den Digitalen Roll Meter  kaufen !!!!???

  12. I want to contact u because I want to make one device for the computer that product means wireless measurement tape. it's the work what is took measure of customer body by tailor that value of measure auto send text box on computer whose select text box on computer.

  13. All three measurements that tape produces would be slightly inaccurate. Carpenters don't use string tape because they stretch. The wheel would be for a rough estimate and the laser would be a very rough estimate.

  14. k that tool box does everything but hold tools?

  15. Tool card is great, until you fly..anywhere.

  16. Why are you spending time and time to find out something that already exist.When i was working I needed to make some similar tools to help my job but we did not have youtube 25 30 years ago. So do not try to sell your boring crap tools.


  18. Price in delivery in pakistan ؟

  19. Its all rubbish! Expensive rubbish!

  20. I don't think you expensive tape measure would work to well when it drops out my pocket off a roof

  21. Yea cause when I open my beer up I like to tip the bottle completely horizontal so it all spills out

  22. Because every survival tool needs a bottle opener…

  23. Fora do Brasil custa no máximo R$:50,00 reais. No Brasil é vendido a R$:1500,00 +impostos …

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