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Today I show you some of my favorite tips and tricks for saving time and money around the house from saving money on your water bill to finding wall studs with a refrigerator magnet!

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  1. ok i wasnt feelin it until you hit me with the dank meme, +1 like

  2. How much does your water cost that you have to do something like that???

  3. Fridge magnet?! Mind blown lol

  4. just for the magnet trick, this video deserves a like 🙂

  5. #Guillaume Breton commented below ! liked it ! @Mr. Fix It

  6. This probably explains why, when I moved into my house, I found a clay brick in the tank of my toilet.

  7. Great tips. Another great way to quickly find studs is look for outlets on your wall. There is always a stud on either side of any wall outlet. Then you can measure 16" on either side. This works most of the time. You could also confirm it with the magnet trick.

  8. Now the question is what is an easy way to demagnetize a tool, I hate when im using a file and all the chips get stuck to it.

  9. Good tips. The magnet and string is a really good one.

  10. I'm going to start hiding beers in my toilet

  11. How can I find the stub on a concrete wall?

  12. This was a great episode! Would love to see more home improvement hacks like this.

  13. Those are awesome tricks! Can't wait for the opportunity to use them and show off. XD

  14. Cool tips for Saving water. I have my bath and sink waste water piping done so that water goes into a soak pit in my backyard, hence irritating the trees.

  15. Thanks for checking out the new video! What are your favorite home hacks?

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