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Tools in Action Crew Reviews Dump trailers for landscaping, Construction, Equipment or Lawn care

How to spec a Dump trailer with the Tools in Action guys! How to pick a trailer for landscape equipment, lawncare, construction or car hauling. More info Here: http://dirtmonkeyu.com/reviews-dump-trailers-for-landscaping-construction-equipment-or-lawn-care/
Tools in action https://www.youtube.com/user/pptgtool


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  1. All the advice on the trailer is great but anyone purchasing one should look at the towing capacity of their truck or tractor and match it to the max loaded weight of the trailer. Having a 12000 pound load on your trailer and attempting to move it with a truck or tractor which has only a 10000 capacity can be dangerous. Most standard pickups only have a 8000 to 10000 pounds. This should factor into your trailer selection.

  2. I like this trailer, the add ons like the dual battery system ( I've taken two days on a 1 day job bc my dump trailer battery (1 battery system) wouldn't stay charged… So we took too long.. This particular job was a good money maker until the battery failed. Yes, I maintain my equipment to the best of my abilities.

    In short, I think I'm gonna step it up and just order a new trailer.
    Also, this is to everyone that fears getting your equipment stolen. One of my most important and most used trailers (18' car hauler with custom heavy duty axles and new heavier tires and many other customs weld ons that took my time and materials to do) was stolen while I took one of my helpers back home (he is saving to fix his truck) and I come right back and it's gone out of my driveway…. Pissses me off to no end, but HAD I TOOK THE EXTRA 10 minutes to weld on my serial numbers in noticeable spots, and write my name with a welding rod in a secret spot) and paint it bright green with silver safety tape, I may still have it. Always, always, always put that heavy duty tung lock on your trailers even if your going to be gone a half hour…. My trailer was worth about 5,000$. Now I have to buy another one and yes it will be marked in many spots… and custom painted to where it's nearly impossible for a quick paint over to hide its identity… I live in Nashville TN (had a good business in Little Rock, AR for many years before moving here. It I watch your videos every night. You e taught me a good bit Stanley! Thanks for your time and effort! You give the right advice on all your videos. Thanks from all the guys that want to do it right and do good returning business.

  3. They got the Trailer at Nite Equipment Pecatonica IL – That's where I bought my 2015 PJ D7 Dump – With extra's – I was their 1st one to order one in that color Orange. My Trailer is Awesome & Looks super sharp!

  4. I have a Maxi-Dump 6×10. Trailer has always worked well but rust has taken its toll, so that is my Fall project. Thanks for the video

  5. thats a nice trailer but bet its 14 grand all day long. i run a cam 6×12 11,200 gvwr dump id like a dual piston but i can buy 2.5 cam dumps for that pj in the video

  6. So I thought this said to idiots under a trailer

  7. PJ Trailers powder coat will pop off the first moment any road salt touches it. Also, every one of my PJ Trailer's required the wiring to be repaired/installed correctly before being put into service. They trailer nice, but PJ trailers suck for those of us in the rust belt and they suffer quality issues.

  8. brimar dual cylinder dump trailer 14500 gvw.

  9. I noticed the trailer had leaf springs, just wondering your thoughts on the pros and cons of torsion vs. leaf spring axles, on dump trailers?

  10. Not a fan of dump trailers. Prefer a dump truck.

  11. Nice lower frame! Pj has come a long way. In the right direction. They used to make garbage with paint that wouldn't make 1 winter. I would have ordered a 4 bolt hitch instead of that flimsy 2 bolt. The 2 bolts have a tendency to loosen up.

  12. Stan, I just purchased a PJ dump and you noted that having a dump trailer is 1 of 4 most valuable pieces of equipment. What are the other 3 most valuable pieces of equipment?

  13. Check out Bwise Dump Trailers. Bought one and has almost all these features and even some more. Bri Mar's bigger, better brother. Once you get a hydraulic jack, you can't go back haha.

  14. What is the maximum payload for that dump trailer?

  15. Love the videos, but you need to invest in a good quality exterior mic for you camera. Keep up the good work.

  16. great video!  I have a Moritz low profile.12×6.8''  12,000lb they are also a high quality trailer.

  17. I got this trailer, but mine is the 16' and 4' tall walls. Also got the 8k oil bath axles. Best thing for the battery is adding a solar charger.

  18. Oh Maxey, Such a contradiction. You hate to work, yet love the trailers. lol. Looks sick bro!

  19. Yes like the old saying, you pay for quality, and its so true. Nice unit fellas sweet.

  20. a couple things I would change the hiych needs to be like ones on a livestock trailer and need a jack that's easy to flip up and down when unloaded

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