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Just showing some new tools to my shop

I hope that you enjoy


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  1. Chuck,

    New subscriber here. I found you thanks to MrPete's shout out on a recent video. I really liked your idea for the CXA tool holders. The angled setup makes the tool holders lock in on the dovetail but they are still very easy to place and remove. I see an organization project coming in my future. I'll be checking out your other videos and getting up to speed on your channel. Thank you for sharing. 

  2. Hey Chuck,

    That is a aweson set of drill bits. Where did you get a set of the larger ones?


  3. Damn, you guys give me too many ideas about tools that I just have to acquire.
    Too bad that many stuff you use are difficult to buy in Sweden. It's not easy to
    get a little special machine tools around here. 
    Right now I am in search of a somekind of a Harbor freigth hor/ver metal bandsaw for ligther jobs, but it seems difficult to find someone. 
    mabey i have to try to import via Ebay or something. 

    Anyway, I like your new vise for your drill press, I have never seen one of those here in sweden before, seems very useful. 

    Greetings from Sweden

  4. Hi Chuck, Missed you a the Tool-O-holics  Meeting LOL at least you are still sharing your videos,

  5. Walking in circles and looking for things, I resemble that remark. LOL

  6. Hey I wanted that tool holder LOL…glad you got chuck…

  7. I have heard said that the machinist community was a very benevolent group. It pleases me to see that is indeed the case.  Now put those tools to use!  ;^)

  8. It is too bad the floating vice didn't pivot along the access to the bar the vice slides on.  That then would be sweet to use to mill curved grooves/slots of a certain radius.  Thought of that since I might have to to try to fix a banjo on an old lathe that I broke the other day.  It has a curved groove used to engage and disengage the feed to the screws.

  9. Hi Chuck,

    I envy your shop, you have a very nice set up!

    Thanks for sharing,


  10. A pocket to hold your brain? Poppycock! That's what pocket sized notebooks are for! Never leave home without it, or for that matter, never stay at home without it!

    Looks like a neat workshop you got going there, thanks for sharing!


  11. Howdy Chuck!
    Great tool additions!!!  I need one of those aprons, the Float-Lock, the tool holder rack, those drill bits………might be easier if we just exchange shops 🙂

  12. Hi Chuck,
    Nice to have such good friends.  It amazes me all the time how much generosity goes around amongst you guys but I do believe in "what comes around, goes around"!!  Thanks for the video.
    Best Regards,

  13. What great gifted additions to your shop and I like the drill bit stand with the chart to boot, Great video as usual.

  14. Hi Chuck,  I just watched Donald's video, and commented on how this is such a great medium for good people to communicate, share ideas and friendships, and you, Adam, Tom and Donald are 4 of the best I have had the luck to communicate with. Great tools and a great video.
     All the best to you, always enjoy seeing your meticulous work …… Mike 

  15. Hi Chuck great vid… That is really cool that Paul has yellow knobs on the quill handles, and such a nice vice! It was cool also, that Adam gifted you the tool, and inserts… It looks good on your rack,, and making chips,,, I'm off to look at tool time 5 again! Take care! :o]


  16. Chuck
    Loved the video. I find it very touching that you have named your tools after friends and mentors. (I've called tools names, but there aren't repeatable here!) You better drill something with your "Paul" vice, lest you unleash the wrath on Mr. Oxen! I liked the apron. Being a person with rather robust girth, I don't it would work for me. I will have to get your e-mail from Tom and maybe we can work out a meet sometime.
    Thanks again!

  17. Nice additions to the shop. I'm glad there are so many helpful people on you tube.

  18. Dear Chuck, that "drill press" toolpost and Johhny Booth tool holder with inserts is some kind of rigid !

  19. Awesome video. Keep up the great work.

  20. Chuck,
    I like the tool rack and the drill rack.  Especially the chart to find the drill size that you are looking for.  Thanks for sharing.

  21. Some cool new stuff Chuck, you have a great shop there.  Glad to see you can still move, what with Tom having you do all that work for him while he was in the head.  Nice tribute to Adam's dad – great that you name your tools that way, adds another dimension to the stories that the pieces in the shop can tell.

  22. Hi Chuck. Nice video as usual. It appears that you are using CXA tool holders and not CA as I think you mention in the video. Do CA fit on CXA? I am using CXA and notice that there are many CA holders on e-bay: only a few CXA. At any rate an enjoyable video.

  23. Nice additions to the shop very nice people on the machinist side of YouTube I have honestly not seen one yet that wasn't happy to help out good video

  24. Glad you liked the turning tool Chuck. I hope it brings you much joy and many years of good use to your collection. I'm honored that you named it after my dad, and that I will still get to see it being used. 
    That was nice of Tom to pass along the Float-Lock vise. that thing is sweet. Looks perfect for your drill press table. 
    Thanks for sharing the shop improvments with us as well. You have a mighty fine machine shop tucked away there. 

    Best regards,


  25. Comon Chuck drill something with it. Dang it.



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