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The Man’s Bathroom

OVER 100000 views too? YOU GUYS F-ING ROCK!!!!!! Just like the Man’s Kitchen,
Another All-time Great Sitcom Moment. The Man’s Bathroom. WHEE! A man’s urinal. A John’s John. simian grunting Copyright 2006 Futuramklax Inc.


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  1. 1:24 – Knowing Tim he's using the Commando 450 shower heads LOL!

  2. Arrrrr arrrrrrr arrrrrr arrrrrr!!!

  3. Goes with the mans bedroom and mans kitchen

  4. The 90's when there was world peace life was so much simpler.

  5. At least 20 years later, and I'd still kill for a bathroom like that.

  6. My gosh I had no idea how much I miss this show. T.V shows that were focused in the family you don't see this quality anymore in the current Shows

  7. Those headlights would come in handy with how I shave..

    I SO want this bathroom anyways

  8. yeah right al we all know what u do in the morning

  9. Out of all their "Man's" Inventions, i WANTED this one and the Kitchen the most.

  10. 2016 wouldn't have let the whole Man's insert room here slide.

  11. am I crazy or didnt this clip used to be longer? cuz I think originally he points out the football soap on a rope, maybe this was edited..

  12. Aww….a classic. You don't see shows like this anymore…

  13. Home improvement was one of the best from the 1990s that's 4 sho !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. This was my favorite episode of Tool Time ever!!! Home Improvement was such a good show!

  15. seeing this bathroom makes me think public bathroom

  16. lol this scene is pretty epic. Home Improvement rocks, lol. I wish I could remember when this show was a huge hit on ABC back in the day, I was 4 1/2 when this episode aired in late 93. But I remember when The Santa Clause and of course Toy Story came out. I cracked up laughing at when Tim accidentally sprayed soap in his mouth instead of mouthwash. XD

  17. I always wondered if Tim Allen actually had some genuine animosity toward Richard Karn because it just seemed like his ribbing toward the Al character was more than just acting. They gave off this weird vibe, like they genuinely didn't get along, even off screen. 

  18. I'm a woman but I SOOOOOOOO want a bathroom like this….all stainless,easy to keep clean and looks amazing. Only thing I would change is the toilet.

  19. The draining floor and the mouthwash faucet sound pretty cool

  20. you aint a man if you dont take a early morning pre-shower shit. i also have coffee before all of that lol.

  21. You got soap, you got mouthwash (sprays) No, that's the SOAP, that's the… (spits)
    I'm dyin'!!!!

  22. It's always been a dream of mine. Watch shit while I shit.

  23. Love that toilet, new ways to shit !

  24. It is just missing a personal shooting range with automated deer-shaped targets, a living room (comprete with giant tv and all the game systems of the 90's) and some some variety (chicken, bacon, buns, lettuce, the works for a burger) for the mans kitchen.

  25. You don't even have 2 leave the Bathroom except just to get clothes!!!!!

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