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the fine art of brickwork – Floor Tiling summer house

www.thefineartof-brickwork.co.uk/ In this video we can see the preparation and levelling of the floor, following by the setting out, cuts and laying of tiles.
(grouting in another video)



  1. Nice work I can't get my eyes off those brick pillars.

  2. yeh ..nah this is not how you should tile a floor sry

  3. keep learning man in 3 years you become a pro

  4. the way he's doing it that means you don't know what the f*** he is doing they should be all level he should use a level and the strain wow for real

  5. בחוכמה בנתה ביתה להפליא

  6. i love you rob….will you come round mine and service my wife?

  7. theres a diving brick above the bottom arch

  8. I'm doing this work . rob . you are doing it good . thanks for video

  9. Excellent job rob the cuts are very accurate .

  10. tiling not for you find something else to do and live this for prof.

  11. hi rob. in Australia they use cement sheeting screwed down on wooden floors. what do you recon? Cowboys or good idea. I found it cheaper than all the leveling compound and then only adhesive for the tiles. I did heaps of tiling in Italy but used solid floors. Chris is the best
    we all love your work.

  12. yes audio….flexible adhesive and grout are all you can use on a timber backing

  13. Hi Rob! I've subscribed to your channel to improve my Brickwork Skills seeing you lay tile is a bonus, if I were to lay tile on a Wood product floor would I benefit from using a flexible Tilling compound and use the same product to grout! Thank you for taking the time to produce some fantastic work

  14. Naw mate, get a chalk line and save yourself and your pencil some work.
    Also, i have no idea why you spread out the adhesive with the square side before raking it. Seems like a waste of time.
    If you prime the floor, there is no reason to do so.

    I would have saved the cuts for the next day. Just center-lined the room, squared the room with chalk lines and laid it in an hour. Then spent all next day cutting the angles, laying them with rapid adhesive and then apply grout.

  15. Double merit in doing all alone

  16. That has got to be your own house!

  17. nice work.  I usually do all my cuts last (next day) to allow for error. Guess it doesn't matter that much though.

  18. I love that chimney.

    It looks like a stove.


    Thank you for your videos. One day I'll have skilled hands, but for now I am just watching & learning.


    At age 6 in Honduras i saw my neighbor's floor & it was just shiny concrete. Grandpa's had a wooden floor. Another neighbor a dirt floor.

    At 10 years old in Chicago I just remember linoleum & carpeting.

    Hmm.. I met tile in Florida at age 20 or so:)

  19. what kind of trowel down self leveler is that? 

  20. U sir are a legend, not many like u left lol hope you've trained someone up so as your skills are passed down an not lost

  21. a really nice job like always,rob just for the curiosity is your work that chimney,it is wonderfuland and very difficulty to construct it. thank you for your videos

  22. Great work (and video) as usual, Rob. The walls look sharp too, are they rendered? The whole space shows a keen eye.

  23. Rob that summerhouse looks stunning. You are a real inspiration to anyone looking to improve their homebuilding skills. I have lots and lots of bricklaying to complete this autumn winter and watching your videos even though I have been laying for 6 years still teaches me so much.

    Just an idea rob. Have you done a video on tools and how to use maintain them?

  24. i normally butter the back of the tile aswel!!

  25. Love your channel! It's teaching me a lot. Thank you.

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