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st tropez swimming pool tiling

How to tile a swimming pool from start to finish.
Render with waterproof material and tile it.


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  1. The white grout ruined the job, but nice work.

  2. I would not have put the white band right at the waterline level …it gets dirty soon

  3. it must have cost a fortune for the tiles. Do you have a $ amount just for tiles?

  4. Beautiful job, hard work does pay off.

  5. Job Well done. What type of tiles glue was used and the grout. if possible name of the makers and the country. Thank you for the great video.

  6. remember the unbrellas when us put the pool tile in my swimming pool, to protect for the intense sun …. but the final result was amazing ….

  7. Dear David
    You did a very nice job as well with your pool.
    That black grout must have been horrible to use 🙁

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