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Slideshow Program, part 5: Image Borders and Tiling, Window Resizing, Aspect Control

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/naysayer88


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  1. Why use a 3D API for this? Why not Direct2D/DirectWrite? You'll get better rendering quality and perfect OpenType support, too!

  2. When you get to the gui presentation editor, do you think you will keep the option to edit a presentation through just a text file?

    I find the idea of the presentation being conveniently editable as a text file to be rather appealing (but I don't make many slide shows (yet?)).

  3. Removing callbacks in Windows isn't really an option because you then wouldn't be able to support blocking UI Apis like MessageBox which internally run their own messageloop. Being able to call such functions without decomposing your code into statemachines is often a great help for non-game applications.
    However that resizing involves a messageloop is definitely unfortunate. It's probably due to the fact that Windows used to just show the rectangle of the window while resizing.

  4. +Jonathan Blow Will a "presentation" mode (full screen without window bar and frame) be added in the next stream session?

  5. I like that the order of corner indices is based on anti-clockwise angles
    Seeing polar coordinates makes me happy as a maths-y person

  6. What does that "xx" do? Like in "map.width = xx width;"?

  7. Sorry if you've answered this before, but what webcam are you using? It's pretty good!

  8. Painting while resizing is not worth the effort.

  9. What do you mean? How did Game of Thrones betray the world building? What did they setup that they then face-planted? I seem to be not that of an attentive viewer (also judging from comments other people made). :/

  10. The Google Images 'Tools' button does in fact reveal a resolution filter, and it works and doesn't scroll to the bottom–it's possible that you encountered a browser history bug at 2:28:14.

  11. So, and lines starting with backslash? 😛
    (Sorry if that was discussed, I'm just skimming the videos. Ain't nobody got time for watching that many videos a day.)

  12. "raw strings" (strings without internal escaping, only start and end are parsed) support? Here strings as strings? Probably been asked. Or are here strings just strings

  13. That keyboard sounds sweet, does it happen to have blue cherry switches in it ? 🙂 It's cool you're doing a presenter in Jai! 🙂

  14. You are a true genious. A lot of people can only dream of what you do.

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