She is really trash. It seemed to be such a connection and just disappeared with no explanation. This page was last edited on 19 February , at But oh no, only one episode for next week?! The meta again lol when Bok Sil said ‘I’ll forgive you because you’re handsome’, how did the writer read my mind? This show is wonderful..

Kudos also to the amazingly talented newbie writer and the director! Dalam proyek lain Wikimedia Commons. Everything else goes rom-com-melo. I also loved that Louis presented it as a movie considering their attempt at seeing a movie for the first time went so wrong. That is why Bok Shih and we find so hard to be angry with him for long. Because even though we’ve just only seen snippets of him, Bok Nam seems adorable and I can’t bear to imagine him bleeding inside that upturn car.

Hye-su, however, discovers her mother does not approve of Choi. On a different note, certainly digging the graphics and little add ons on the drama, like the fairy wings or the bunny ears.

We’ve shown how he does not like women who is dolled up and too ‘pretty’. He in return gives out suggestions, his bottle idea was great! And i really didnt think of it that way but Louis definitely sees himself with BokShil till the end?

While walking on the countryside, Choi is inspired by the beauty of his surroundings and gets ready to prepare for his next film.

Kedua orang itu memiliki jiwa sederhana untuk saling melayani dan membawa kepada cinta sejati. I want to strangle Louis though, because of all the money he wastes, but it just means that SIG is a good actor. The world doesnt change them, they change the world around them! Louis was purely good, a giant puppy who grew up toward the end but would always retain korew charming, heart-melting puppiness.


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He says that Joong-won saw Louis up close today, but he pretended not to know who he was. She does wear the shoes, and the designer clothes from Ma-ri. And suddenly, Baek Sung Il comes and tell that evil frustrated murderer that his taxes has been paid in full.

Agree that Joong Won does not have any chance with Bokshil at the rate Louie and Bokshil is going right now. The even-odd routine was one of the factors which really ruined W2W for me! Even the most clueless person can try? The villains were not caricatures, but plausible real people that commited mistakes, and, more importantly, recognized them for the most part.

CR September 30, at 6: Thanks for your warm recap. Very sweet and so appropriate for this couple. And, remember how everything in the show seemed tied together? Maya Rasnadea Maret 26, 6: If that was me, I would’ve already gone nuts because I can’t stand people who spend a lot of money that they don’t have. By a stroke of luck, Han Jeong-hoon, also on the set, absent-mindedly offers Bok-shil a job at the film company. He tells her to just try it and has her remove the cover, to reveal a diamond ring.

Diakses tanggal November 14, SIG got to be a Ditto on top of being our cute puppy of course.

Love transcends every boundary and makes better people of us all, if only we can be fearless enough to let it isnopsis our hearts. Louis also had a talk with In-sung korra the wedding, about his crush on Ma-ri. I’m finding the neighbors very annoying and distracting to the point I don’t like this show. Plus, I’ll be rewatching the first kiss scene in that green sweater whenever “I need romance”. I guess the “Bok-Shil” effect is really that strong for Mr.


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Can’t Smile Without You. Ah, School was so much fun! Rori Pasisa Maret 17, 5: It still reminds me of Park Bo Gum’s smile.

Vina Agustin April 14, It has such unexpected characters. And this is the first show where I loved all the mothers, all the villains, all the secondary characters- basically just about everyone! I saw the pictures up on Instagram.

Aww i’m gonna shio this show I loved the friendship between the three moms. And he does honestly regret! I really think Joong-won has more ssinopsis a kind older brother vibe not a romantic vibe. The manner with which he was speaking did not sound like he was reporting to Grandma.

After spending a lovestruck romp on Australia, they planned to get married. I wouldn’t hesitate to put her in the same level as Shim Eun Kyung. But that makes the show so dark! Why they come to care for each other etc. And yes I’m so hating backstabber-and-act-like-an-angel Mari. It seemed to be such a connection and just sihopsis with no shik. Especially the scene in the bar.

Bok-shil is confused, but Louis tells her to keep watching.