Muskaan finds it difficult choose regarding her marriage and seems confused if she should escape with Sambhav or settle with marrying Samarth. The ‘pundit’ calculates the date after three days to be auspicious for the marriage. Muskaan by now speaks to Sambhav and gives him three day’s time to prove himself and agrees to leave Samarth for him. Samarth meets Muskaan and demands to know why she had rejected his marriage proposal. But she rejects the girl when she feels that the girl could be a threat to her. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 29, – Full Episode. Watch Saubhaghyalakshmi to know what happens next.

Samarth calls up Bhairavi and informs her that Muskaan is ready to marry him. Samarth takes Muskaan out on a date and she is reminded of her date with Sambhav. She manages to get rid of him and while she hides from him, she comes across Samarth. How will Kavya and others react when Bhairavi discusses Samarth’s marriage? Muskaan by now speaks to Sambhav and gives him three day’s time to prove himself and agrees to leave Samarth for him. Sambhav realizes that Muskaan has left him for Samarth and he decides to speak to her.

Kavya misses a slide during the presentation and this infuriates Samarth.


Kavya finds out that Sambhav has withdrawn a huge amount from the company’s account but she is shocked to learn that this fact is being kept hidden from Samarth. Kavya tries to speak to Vasundhara and explain herself to her.

She however melts when she sees the expensive gift that he has purchased for her. Kuhu demands the keys to the office from her and Bhairavi is forced to give them the keys. Click here to login. Muskaan makes it clear to Samarth lajshmi there is no match between lakshmo and him.


Samarth meets Bhairivai and learns that Kavya’s sisters had entered the house and forced her to give them the keys to the office. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 15, – Full Episode.

Muskaan episdoe, leaves to celebrate her birthday with Sambhav. Kavya is shocked when her new boss gives her the role of the Managing Director’s personal assistant. Later, Muskaan’s ‘mehandi’ function begins and the celebrations go on in full swing.

However, she asks for a loan of seventy thousand and Kavya is bound by a contract whereby she is supposed to stick to episod job until she pays the entire amount back.

How will Kavya and others react when Bhairavi discusses Samarth’s marriage? Next morning, Muskaan leaves the house with Sambhav while Bhairavi reaches her home. How will Kavya react when she learns that Muskaan has once again laid her hands on Samarth’s money? Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 13, – Full Episode. Sambhav reaches Kavya’s room and shows her the documents which state that he is now the owner of his mother’s wealth.


Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – February 4, – Full Saubhagyx. Upon reaching home, Samarth meets Muskaan and is mesmerized by her once again.

Kavya suffocates inside the office and fears that she might die there. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.

Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – February 1, – Full Episode.

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Bhairavi is not happy to hear this and she makes him aware of the differences between the two families. But Kuhu tells her of the new problem that has risen in the form of Vasundhara being terminated from her job. She starts to fight with Samarth but realizes that her cabin has been changed. Sambhav resorts to stealing from his own house as he falls short of money. Samarth storms out of the house, reaches the office and drags Kavya out. Kavya tries to make Muskaan realize that she doing wrong by not being loyal to Samarth.


Saubhaghyalakshmi – Lakkshmi – February 2, – Full Episode. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 8, – Full Episode. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 6, – Full Episode.

Muskaan’s lavish date with Sambhav continues and she is absolutely impressed by Sambhav. The ‘pundit’ calculates the date after three days to kakshmi auspicious for the marriage.

Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 27, – Full Episode. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 29, – Full Episode. Will Muskaan leave the marriage and escape with Sambhav? Later, Vasundhara arrives at Samarth’s place with her three granddaughters.

Kuhu meanwhile mistakes Samarth’s nephew to be a mechanic and makes him work for her. He shouts at Sambhav and expresses epiwode disappointment towards Bhairavi for hiding the matter. Samarth is forced to lalshmi out of his car and he is surprised when Muskaan agrees to accept his marriage proposal.

Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 20, – Full Episode. By now, Epispde sister, Bhairavi meets a girl and her family for Samarth’s marriage. Mansa accuses Kavya of stealing the gold chain and she checks her in front of all the guests. Saubhaghyalakshmi – Episode – January 4, – Full Episode. Later, Samarth is surprised when Bhairavi agrees to meet Muskaan’s family to speak of his marriage.