Gaming 2 years ago. Rees is ready to get down and dirty Modded Minecraft is back, and this time it’s in Tekkit. Gaming 4 years ago. Feed The Beast 1. Tekkit Classic – Episode 5:

Time to do some more efficient metal processing! Like me on Facebook! Bay Area Buggs 5 years ago. OK Let’s kick things up a notch. Gaming 6 years ago. This is the start of season two!

Minecraft Crazy Craft 1. Tekkit med RobinKaja – Episode 3 – Tid til at finde base.

Transformer Upgrades Howdy Folks! This video is a showcase episoode the factory I have been slapping together for the past few episodes and a lot I did off camera. This is the start of season two! Crossfire 8 years ago. OK Let’s kick things up a notch. Mes so it begins, a new adventure, a new beginning, a new world. Thats right we are going back to that pack I helped to bring into this world Tekkit Classic Reborn!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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Wrenches and Furnaces Howdy Folks! Cvetelin Karadjov 6 years ago. Here is the link to the playlist! Join him as he makes a wrench and gets to work organizing, and then proceeds to build an HourClock0 75 3 years ago.


Want more of the Build Series? The Infitech 2 Modpack has been recently updated, and I’m taking the opportunity to explore it and Gregtech.

So for now, let’s build a smeltery! Feel free to play along with me, leave comments below, Please take a look at the description! Lewis and Duncan continue working on the factory whilst Simon returns with his precious dirt to start on his very important project!

AstonishingGamer 3 years ago. Its so much fun to play 1.

I denne episode skiftede jeg til Tekkit Lite btw. Check out this newer, proper tutorial: Modded Minecraft is back, and this time it’s in Tekkit. Bro Cast 5 years ago. Deerslayer Jones 6 years ago. In this episode I clear out a large area in the ice spikes biome, and place the pixslmon of the fortress.

MsDutchGaming 6 years ago. A very short episode in which we build some steam engines! TheXToxics 6 years ago. Mitchell Stry 6 years ago. If you enjoyed this video, leave a LIKE if you want.

Akira got bored and productivity happened, so we have another modpack. Nouja mij naam is Job, ik ben geboren in en een echte gamer! JackNeerderTGH 6 years ago. Feed The Beast 1.


Tekkit Episode 4

Det har jeg nu gjort: Ken je me nog niet? Jaffa Factory 40 – More, More, More! Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see more videos. Steam Robineamse Howdy Folks! Today we’re making a macerator setup and Lance’s is getting some more materials! Like me on Facebook! Fabian Garcia 7 years ago. Gaming 2 years ago.

Sereval11 6 years ago. Time to do some more efficient metal processing! Build Series – Episode 4 – Fortress Outline!

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Gaming 6 years ago. OneForYouToEnvy 6 years ago. Welcome to the wold of Crazy Craft, where anything and everything can happen! Tekkit how to 5 years ago. This is the most basic sorting system in Tekkit. Tekkit Classic – Episode 5: