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PhotoShop Basics – Tiling Texture Maps with Offset

Create a tiling texture using the offset tool. download the wall.jpg file at https://sites.google.com/site/brouwervideo/photoshop-tutorials. Lots of other great textures can be found at http://www.lughertexture.com.



  1. One thing I've noticed from these tutorials is that gimp seems to have a better automated offset tool that automatically blends it all together. Having said that though, it doesn't always go the way you want it to.

  2. Not bad, but by flipping the rocks the shadows and highlights are off.

  3. Let's be honest, your end result is far from satisfactory. Plus, you're fiddling around this texture without trying to rationalize your method. You don't even mention the offset filter, which is key in creating patterns in Photoshop.

  4. great one, but one wuestion… did you record this in a museum? hahaha the reverb is "chilly" hahaha

  5. Always gotta make sure it's hard.

  6. Very good tutorial but why do I have to make this before implementing it?

  7. Very informative, thanks mate 🙂

  8. Really good tutorial, but now I forgotten why in the first place I needed to see this lol.

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