LTTE was an organisation started with 30 and its now having more than 25, members. The fun, of course, was just getting started, because now Balraj had to hold his ground against the impending Sri Lankan counterattack. After few trip to Jaffna and Batticalo I have found that there is no future to tamils in home land. I left about 15 years ago,but it seems like a long time. When you do write the book, I will be the first at your doorstep in Toronto to get it autographed by you. I love to read about battles and i enjoyed this very much. Theepan was appointed his deputy.

They are always sad, never happy. There was temperamental incompatibility and the couple had serious differences. But sadly he mistook them as ” tamils ” and he wanted to respond their laughs and ridicules in a severe way which he did extraordinarily well. A large scale attack was launched under the field command of Theepan and strategic command of Balraj. Yet one person was discontented about all these development and it was none other than the president chandrika , because Literally it took days for the sinhalese officials to recover from the shock , when they were searching for the culprits , an announcement came. They drove back repeated counter-attacks, held the V-box, and bought the rest of the LTTE forces enough time to capture the Elephant Pass base with minimal casualties.

Lets come back to when the same solomansorry sorry bandaranayake strictly made a tamil friendly constitutional amendment.

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LTTE immediately released a report saying that they are not responsible for this but people were extremely certain that this was done by LTTE. I wish one day we will stop seeing all Tamils as separatists of terrorists and Tamils will stop seeing all of us as Tamil haters or war criminals.


Irritated by this moveIndian ariforce crossed borders and supplied food parcels via air. Siva Manasula Sakthi Valmiki The training period was extremely tough covering lot of activities like judokarategun assemblyshooting practise and even cooking. Looking forward for more of these in future. The LTTE fought on both fronts. She does not know anything about sinhalese or the ground reality in SL.

However the main benefit of devolution of powers is to maintain ethnic harmony. Sure,eliminate all of them including Sinhalese and Tamil politicians. Another operation where Balraj proved his military prowess was the Elephant pass operation of It is apparent now that the same tactics they used for TELO had been used by forces to tame them.

It depends on what propaganda they read. Until both sides accept their faults and the futility of the war there will not be any freedom. As i have engaged with you many times before u need to get over your bitterness to see beyond the difference and accept the truth. All of them knew kutti mani and hence they tortured him by first taking his eyes off the body with knife. In april 7federal party organised a three day meet under selvanayagam and prabhakaran along with his mates joined them. This was the opportunity Balraj had been waiting for to demonstrate his military acumen.

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I know that armed forces tried terrorised the population in the north and east instead of trying to win their hearts and minds and it backfired on them. I left about 15 years ago,but it seems like a long time. They burnt buseslorries along with the persons inside it. Kuttimani was arrested with a boat full of explosives and during the world cup EROSbasically a student revolutionary organisation showed banners condemning the atrocities of the lankan government and they raised it whenever the camera passed by them in order to get global attention.


As DBSJ mention elsewhere here, that the Sinhalese people are large and kind they will only be horrified to know what happend to their fellow innocent citizens in Wanni in May Tigers responded by bombing Colombo bus stand in april 21 and were dead.

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Tell me one independent source of information? On his own initiative he initiated schemes to help youth who showed themselves capable in studies and also arranged programmes for the youth of Vadamaratchy to interact with youth from the South.

You are displaying your lack of knowledge in history. Posted by Prakash at He appointed himself as the army chief of the LTTE and the duties of the army can be listed as follows 1.

There are many in Philipines and India who will oyatja doing it for a charge and work along with your guide line. Kum Pon and Mr. As a military commander he may be great but as a human being he is a shallow character and a fraud.

Col Borg drove a truck full of explosives into the camp alaiigal midnight and exploded himself. Is he one of those who was finished after surrendering, like Yogi or Ramesh?

It smacks of hypocrisy and double standards to weep crocodile tears over these kind of people who even tried to hold tamils as hostages to save their skins.