Join an international game of chessmanship if you dare to represent your country! Entering Tajikistan was much the same. As vizier to King Solomon, Burkia requested the honor of being buried at the foot of this holy mountain; his will was fulfilled after his death. At m above sea level exerting your body at this height can bring about lethal altitude sickness. A traffic jam in Langar. The historical-ethnographic museum on Kurmanjan Datka Street has well-done exhibits which focus on southern Kyrgyzstan and cover the Silk Road days, Kyrgyz immigration from South Siberia, the Kokand Khanate, Russian colonial annexation in and the Bolshevik takeover after There is a path walkway around the mountain, which makes an interesting walk.

If we were to do this trip again we would take the risk and stay in Langar for a night, or even two. Vikingstad assumed based on copyright claims. A traffic jam in Langar. To get there go to the school, follow the powerlines up the hill towards the cemetery, then keep going up until you can cross the small stream. He wrote of the Osh:. Clearly Tajikistan is not somewhere you encounter those seeking a relaxing vacation.

hiols All homestays will accept USD as payment. One interesting exhibit is a map dating from that shows the different Kyrgyz tribes and clans still a very important factor in Kyrgyz society today as represented in the Kyrgyz flag today with 40 rays to signify the 40 tribes.

We stopped in our tracks and stared fearfully across the narrow Pamir River. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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Wow, this post is really amazing! To learn more about the predecessor to the three Western Regions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and these interesting people click the above links. You captured the feel of being there.


ogsh We soaked up the atmosphere for a while longer before retiring for the night. Three rooms may be visited with permission, shoes off at the entrance as everywhere in Kyrgyzstan. The reason the base looked so empty was because the soldiers were in the town, playing volleyball with the villagers.

Almost every other foreigner we met was a cycle tourist, many who had ridden to Tajikistan from Eastern China or Western Europe, giving an idea of the type of adventurous souls you meet on the Pamir Highway. Alesha And Jarryd on July 1, at Go there to see the local life and for the delicious food in the eatery near the mid section of the bazaar. The site is still a popular place for local Muslims, with stairs leading up to the highest peak where there stands a small mosque originally built shtine Baburthe founder of the Mughal Dynasty in You can read the introduction to their adventure here.

Hi Sas, Thank you so much Glad we could help. This ossgh not luxury by any means, but it is a great experience staying with a family and learning about the Pamiri culture.

Alesha And Jarryd on January 25, at You can also do a call out on the Caravanistan forum. Driving out of Karakul in a blizzard.

Sulayman Mountain

It was a great trip. This puts her on par with the ubiquitous Lenin Streets of former Soviet cities of which Osh is no exception to. The setting is really nice, nudged up against a rock overhand and filled in with cement to block out the elements. A few spoke a little English or our driver helped us out when he could. In the post-independence period the city became a byword for the inter-ethnic conflict that erupted in between Uzbek and Kyrgyz factions, although the worst of this took place at the town of Uzgen, 50km to the northeast.


A jeep parked in Sary Moghul. The Osh New Mosque is large by Kyrgyzstan standards. Hey PJ, glad you enjoyed the article.

His guesthouse felt less like an authentic homestay and more like a business, and we were eager to move on the next day.

In fact Osh Guesthouse approached them this year to partner together, they are hilps good. You can do this at the bank in Murghab or Khorog.

On the southeastern side of the Osh fortress is a well-proportioned mountain called Bara-Koh, where, on its summit, Sultan Mahmud Khan built a pavilion. All the best and have a great time. We split is up between 4 of us over 7 days. It also has wifi. We lost count of the number of cyclists xhrine saw peddling the Pamir Highway, and almost all we had met after they had completed it said it was one of the best experiences of their lives.