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New tool for masons also the world’s first. Builds better, Builds faster!

Changing the way brick walls are built.Now masons can work 4 times faster with greater accuracy.This video is about the prototype of the tool is being tested on various construction sites



  1. RAG HEAD Masonry Inc. What fuck'in assholes! No wonder all you have there is dirt roads!

  2. Trust me, I am an Indian builder..in the background the slave is cleaning up his last wall that fell

  3. I guess you have self-rated the potential and benefits of this 'invention' which is nothing more than a modified pise' box, adapted to bricks.
    As regards accuracy, i doubt that very much as you have no string-line reference and i saw no checking with a level or even a plumb bob in sight.
    It is a waste of time by doing such a poor job, speed isn't everything.  But this video gives the world a first hand view of shoddy building techniques throughout Asia and much of the third world. 
    NO reinforcement, such as a metal mesh laid over each course of bricks, so the wall isn't tied to anything and there is no air bubble under the brick so wasteful of mortar and the brick is not tamped into place which will lead to a very low strength wall, VERY dangerous and prone to collapse if hit by even mild earthquakes.
    They would do better mixing a stiffer mixture with smashed stones and bricks and casting them, in like fashion (larger panels though).
    Who told you this was a great 'invention'??  It isn't. 
    Use mud bricks as they are cheaper, stronger, local, low cost, high insulation, even idiots with a plumb bob can do that.  Or bamboo…

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