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New RIDGID Tools For 2016 and 2017 – TOOLATHON

Jason from RIDGID shows us some new lights, a cordless router and a nailer.
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  1. love the review guys. Also love Ridgid they make quality products.

  2. rigid or aeg as they are branded in UK are nice tools. half the price of Makita but as good.

  3. If you purchase your ridgid tools on line can you still register it without a store receipt proof of purchase. Can you do it with like an amazon invoice or ebay/PayPal invoice.

  4. I been lookin all over for the tripod and i cant find it anywhere. I have checked all of the home depots within a reasonable distance from where I live and its almost like they dont even exist and they supposedley just came out.I checked out the ridgid website and they told me to check my home depot. I would really like to have one so can you help?

  5. ridgid tools are nice looks like I need to head to HD

  6. the rigid sales guys is a typical duece

  7. Hy guys, he sayd yhat the router wiuld be 100dls but at the Home Depot is 119dls, can i have the 20dls back?
    Love the channel

  8. I'm loving rigid products so far.. have the gen5x kit and just recently picked up the brushless drill kit too.. I can't wait till I get the cordless router and task lights..

  9. I really like that router but does the company that makes rigid make Ryobi as well?

  10. great videos..somewhat informative and Always entertaining! .Honest about who you both are and what brand you prefer each…i look forward to your videos. ..

  11. It seems ridiculous to me that all the 18v battery tools are NOT hybrid. Like cordless is awesome. But why not make them all hybrid so just in case the batteries wear out or they stop producing them or something. Like it'd not only make the longevity of the tool fabulous but also the versatility.

  12. Awesome. I think rigid should come out with a handheld vac

  13. Why no cordless drywall screw gun?

  14. good video love ridgid good lifetime warranty KEEP IT UP #TIACREW

  15. would like to see Rigid come out with a cordless ratchet 50 ft-lbs so it could remove nuts off a surface rusted bolt (you know the annoying ones you have to use a wrench for the full length of the bolt) and an impact gun with +500 ft-lbs torque so whenever I work on a car I only need a compressor to fill tires.

  16. I love all the ridgid tools there linked with AEG hear in the UK and Europe. I've got virtual the whole 18v kit from planer to the trim router. I've had them all shipped from the US.. and my next purchase will be the cordless mitre saw.. keep up the cool work guys… Steve tiller in the UK :))

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