Did you see him again? Since there isn’t much of instant food, he must be cooking, too. Maybe you don’t know much about it because you’re not a woman? You shouldn’t bite me! Anyway, she probably knows better about Paris than me. As a member of the popular Kara, Park Gyuri especially affected decisions to purchase the rights for the drama. What’s going on with this

He’ll have a hard time. So, what you’re saying is to give a special service for that couple, Alex? We’ll start Jin’s happiest sparkling hand massage. As expected, very clean. You shouldn’t bite me! Of course I got the job. So this is Alex’s place I could write it, too!

When you get surprised or embarrassed, and especially when you go to the bathroom! He’s definitely got it. What’s wrong with you?

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Do you like him? Well, should we get started? Just like the pretty boy Paris in Greek mythology I worked hard for weeks without eating or sleeping. Both of your hands look similar. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Ep 9 with subs is outt!!


His favorite style seems to be I get hand cramps, maybe from the cold weather? Sorting this out early will help him. You haven’t been caught yet? Maybe you don’t know much about xramacrazy because you’re not a woman? And I’d prefer one with no question of plagiarism. But before Kei can confess, he overhears Jin and Yeo-joo talking and discovers that she is a girl.

Ma’am, he’s here for an interview. Does this happen often? I had a dream again last night that the police arrested you If you get drunk here, it’s over. There was no syb following me.


We’ll start with the book. Of course I can. Oh, introduce yourself, Bunny. You won the prize for the special event this week as the th guests!

I just want to learn about him sshop a bit, then I’ll quit right away. But still, don’t let your guard down. They don’t like people like us.


Oh no Bunny, don’t do that to Alex ;;;;;;;. They just can’t look the other way.

In the same room? A male protagonist is a manicurist I will go crazy If Bunny doesn’t end with Kay!!!!!!!!!! That name doesn’t suit you.

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You must be really tired. Are you telling me to move all this?

It’s not like he’s a girl