Adam and Jamie consulted with an otolaryngologist and learned that a person with a cold may secrete up to 60 milliliters of mucus per hour. Adam and Jamie concluded that the higher blast pressure was survivable due to its short duration, and that factors such as the quantity and placement of the explosive would have had the main effect on its lethality. Please sign in with your TV provider to watch this episode and other great programs. Rex was able to find the package every time, with only the citronella slowing him down to any degree. Waterslide Wipeout 19 May This myth was based on a scene from the film Hellboy. Views Read Edit View history.

In a second test, he did find the correct suspect, leading Adam and Jamie to conclude that picking a single suspect out of a lineup in this manner was a plausible but unreliable method. While the parachute successfully deployed, the pursuit car was able to avoid it and chase down Adam. Noting that an occupant in either vehicle would easily have survived, Adam and Jamie declared the myth confirmed and stenciled their seal of approval on each one. They then decided to analyze the individual parts of the myth, basing their analysis on the fire triangle. The Build Team then tested various small scale rocket designs to see which would be the most successful. Grant took the tests as an electroencephalogram recorded his brain activity; the results indicated a normal level, but could not provide an exact percentage since it monitored activity only on the surface of his brain. Adam and Jamie consulted with an otolaryngologist and learned that a person with a cold may secrete up to 60 milliliters of mucus per hour. Retrieved January 24,

The Build Team first did some tests to determine the amount of force needed on the hood in order to get the SUV’s front end wipfout touch the ground.

Bull in a China Shop. A taser being used on a target covered with pepper spray will cause the mytbhusters to catch on fire.

Tory, being uncomfortable with high heights, rode as a passenger in a stunt plane as it performed numerous aerial maneuvers by Sean D. However, the MythBusters noted that the G-forces varied widely depending on wi;eout hard the head was struck. Edit Did You Know? The Build Team tested several punches: Can a bottle of beer, when given a sudden shock, turn from a liquid and freeze into a solid? Add the first question. If a cup filled with soda was tossed out the window of a car, would it penetrate the windshield of a passing car, killing the driver?


Mythbusters – “Waterslide Wipeout”

Based on the breaking strength data from the bridge testing, they wrapped five rolls of tape around the car and pole to bind the two together. They investigated the possibility of fooling the dogs by….

As soon as the car hit the water, it turned over and the windshield broke and began to leak water. They then tried feces with differing consistencies, and found that softer feces was the best choice. They resorted to using a shoulder mounted air cannon Jamie built, but still could not hit the windshield accurately enough. In the podcast the guys cover sleepwalking behaviors, sleep hacks and sleep deprivation. Can sneeze droplets travel up to 30 ft?

However, the and inch fans were still unable to completely spread the feces around. Decorate in a Dash. The Build Team ran a waterelide through a test course with regular tire wipeoyt, extremely overinflated and deflated tires, and slightly overinflated and deflated tires, and measured the resulting fuel efficiency for each. If a epksode is completely buried with a bulldozer parked on top, it can set off onboard explosives to throw the bulldozer out of the way without injuring the passengers, as long as they shield themselves properly.

Waterslide Wipeout 19 May 7.

However, the more powerful deer slug shotgun rounds and the M14 rifle were able to pierce the door and the phonebooks easily. They then tested the accuracy of the slide, and found that the accuracy was fairly consistent. Based on the general worsening of their performance after going without sleep, the Build Team declared the myth confirmed. A prototype built from polyethylenealuminumballistic nylonand duct tape was taken to the Kalitta airfield; it could be folded up and carried in a backpack.

Can you literally knock some sense into a person by slapping them?

Steam Powered Machine Gun. However, the MythBusters decided to factor in other injuries such as skull fractures and lacerations. No, create an account now. They classified the myth as plausible since they could find no records of this weapon actually being built and used in combat.

This myth was based on a scene from the film Hellboy. First, Adam and Jamie attempted the myth exactly as it appeared on the show, by firing a taser at a flannel shirt doused with a can of police-issue pepper spray just as Nick Stokes George Eads did in the episode in front of them, but failed to achieve any combustion.


Waterslide Wipeout | MythBusters

When Grant stepped on the gas, the car stayed in place even as the tires began to smoke, with only one strip of tape breaking. Thirty minutes later, Adam, the whole table, and every guest except Kari — who admitted that she actually was a germaphobe — were heavily contaminated. Adam and Jamie team up with Sean Casey and Reed Timmer from the series Storm Chasers to investigate myths related to the power of tornadoes.

As a tribute to their fans, the MythBusters randomly drew six fan-submitted letters and tested the myths and questions in them. One person was given the contraband and the repellent device to trigger whenever Gypsy came too close, but she was able to ignore it and find her target.

The Build Team then concluded that a non-elastic woven wool sock on a hairless leg would be mjthbusters best possible combination. Analyzing the results, they found that the full bottle still delivered more force to the brain than the empty bottle, making an injury like a concussion more likely. Can hanging a bag of water repel flies? They then reduced the grip space to one inch; now Jessi could only hold on for thirty seconds, while Grant could not get a grip at all and instantly fell when hanging from half an inch.

Also they didn’t episodr traffic into account sufficiently. The bullet easily penetrated the head’s hair weave and exited through the front, pulling some of the hair with it.

One thousand honey bees are capable of lifting a laptop. The popular theory is that since water refracts light, it would wipeokt flies’ compound eyes. The Build Team does not take part in this episode.