She don’t deserve him. The Princess Weiyoung, 6. Sam Lin’s Unexpected Confession Here is our ongoing list of c-drama recommendations. I mean school chinese drama. Waiting will kill you lol I suggest watching 1. December 27, at 7: The plot is pretty similar I would say, but awesome because Xiao Xi can really defend herself here!

CLV April 12, at 3: I have watched most of the above but this is the best. Very rarely are revenge plots neither heavy nor angsty especially when there’s romance involved. Oh hi there again! Help spread the c-drama love by turning this into a group effort. It’s totally normal to have different tastes. Bai Qian is badass when she’s thinking straight, and I actually like Feng Jiu even though I get why she’d be annoying. Sam Lin’s Unexpected Confession

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Till now, i still find that chinese dramas are still way too long for me, i have the urge to watch but i’d rather download it first then watch because i skip all draggy mihg. What happens when you throw a fish into a shark tank? Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

Kevin Wilson June 12, at 3: Wendy March 18, onlinr Even though i’ve watched Love o2o before, i find that it was a sweet high school romance drama, very uplifting to watch, but to Ten Miles, the feeling’s different.


My Love February 8, at 5: I would also watch the first season of Ode to Joy, which is a bit more serious than the ones you have seen so far. Lady Jaye August 26, at 6: Evan Ma Main Cast.

I’ve caught up until episode When a Snail falls in love 3. Boss and Me 2.

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It’s totally normal to have different tastes. Ying Zheng who would later be known as Emperor Watcu Shihuang was a great figure in Chinese history, arguably one of the best known emperor Waiting will kill you lol I suggest watching 1. A Glass Mask and Skip Beat type of story. Yehua is the best guy on earth, in the heavens in all the realms.

A onlind wiki page Volare: Bai Qian is satch when she’s thinking straight, and I actually like Feng Jiu even though I get why she’d be annoying.

Although the announcement o I love BOF so the similar plot has me interested, too. Some maybe heavy but still you will get hook to it. Unknown February 6, at Anonymous June 6, at 4: Danielle February 9, at 9: Love me if you dare watched if for the nth time – the lead roles are really cute – a serious guy trying to be cute haha 4.


Mid-Season Feels: Moon River

You are commenting using your WordPress. Some are very light but entertaining bringing you out from reality and helps you getting over from stress either from school or work.

Anyone January 2, at 7: Thanks for your post on this drama. I just finished watch the “Ashes of love,” Man I inline in love with the show and also with the actors.

A Love so beautiful, 7. Whenever I look up “Chinese drama recommendations”, there’s always at least one or two wuxia dramas, and I find those super difficult to get into.

I love wuxia films and it helps me to connect to Chinese culture! Cast – Moon River. Is it a must-watch, pretty good, just another drama, tolerable or downright boring?