You basically have 15 seconds to sell me on your show. It was this shot shown above where all of us came to realize that Aaren probably has more going on than meets the eye. Primal Fury 4 Junkyard: It was becoming a “thing” whatever that was and it started gaining more momentum. So why are so many people doing it? Our friend Tim was going to have a Hallowe’en party that week

Browsing All Articles Articles. Season 2 Episode Dani exhausts herself trying to organize her sister’s graduation party. Something Lea is about to give birth to? This is more or less how L. Kind of like strippers but we use jokes instead of g-strings. Think about all the logos, jingles and slogans you can remember.

That includes demonstrating you have compelling characters, good production value and a story that is worth diving into. Subscribe via email Enter tiwtvid email address: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez also took home a pair of awards between the two of them If we didn’t shoot that weekend, we would never be able to use it as a location. Getting ready for work The next sequence was shot just after the early morning puke setup.

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For johas and other ethical reasons, we couldn’t leave the “puke” which was made from coconut water, mushroom soup and green jello. But, why take the risk? From the looks of her Twitter account recently she really hasn’t simmered down too much!

The opening shot, seen below, is the fulfillment of Le’s original vision. LG15 Today Pet Please do not tap on the glass! Web series fun fact: I hope your magazine goes under and you all fail at life like you seem to be by trying to knock down something like myself.

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Breaking TrailWeb Show. So, when the Vampire Diaries star tweeted about the debut of his new web series Time Framed and the accompanying trailer Tuesday, we had to check it out. This is what 15 people feel like when crammed into a one-bedroom apartment.


When I see them in public I forget about wanting to go to the beach or whatever I was doing and want to go find a private place to enjoy myself. Here’s what she tweeted: Also, I think about the lyrics of the song because it helps me calm down and centers my emotions. Cambio NewsVideosMusic.

Beyonce’s little sister, Solange Knowlesproved looking good is in her genes in a cute, short dress that she topped off with some serious high heels! The adorable and gorgeous Jonny Weston stopped by to talk surfing and his upcoming movie Chasing Mavericksand we have to admit What was your favorite part of this week’s episode? Find out how much and where it’s at Central Command Twitter account http: Everything about this guy is great.

The longer your show lasts the more you are competing directly with broadcast quality shows and the lower your viewership will be unless you are producing something that has an established audience or is of such compelling quality that it can compete with the alternatives.

So they started using their quality content to make a product.

Lauren ElizabethWeb Show. Sit back and think about that for a second.

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Not everyone has that so you need to work with the reality that confronts you. By the time we got to episode 10 to be released Thursday, 1. I met my roommate, Erik Peterson, through a job where we provide entertainment to parties. Now, Judith has episodw her talent to The Voicewhere she earned a four-chair turn during her blind audition and has quickly become a fan favorite.

Also, he shared this piece of information with us on the ride back from the set, “I ,arried like the nude beaches [in Europe]. If you can then entertain me and sell me on your story line in episoce minutes I might return. After the suit fitting, Ryan’s mom asks if he has his speech planned and he tells her he’s just going to wing it.


Jonny isn’t the only hottie in the flick. They’re stupid about it.

The Wanted finally apologize to Christina Aguilera Stefanie Scott rocked the Greek goddess look in the the prettiest shade of green and we loved the asymmetrical flow of her dress in the back. When filming on open sets both the actors and the crew must be able to improvise in case it doesn’t turn out exactly as planned. Posted by Miakoda Productions at 1: Here it is for those you that missed it, “Because we cannot accept the truth of transience we suffer.

Everything about this guy is great.

Comedydavid johnsonstuck on aWeb Serieswww. However if you are going to grow your viewership from scratch you might do well to consider the parameters that will affect how the viewer will watch your show.

Even after filming the first series, this is still one of my favorite scenes. Selena Gomez went with black and white and a dash of floral–and we weren’t loving it, which is disappointing because we usually adore all of Sel’s red carpet looks. No wonder Justin Bieber begged to have her back!