However, he would often experience this sense of uneasiness and loneliness for no unfounded basis or reasons at all. Man-ok gifts Tae-ik with a one-of-a-kind present: Even if she was interested in him that way, which she isn’t. Let Kim Soo Hyun make a cameo! With a month left to the first broadcast, we will do our best to protect the identities of the cameos. This is completely filmed. But at the last moment he turns around and slices through the Inspector General instead. Thanks to Lordbordem for info:

They run, and though they make it far, Na-young is shot in the back. No Min Woo just has friggin went for scenery chewin diva boy hasn’t he? But it just rubbed me the wrong way. He meets a girl he likes immediately. That hair looks a lot better there than in real life. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Her eyes brim with tears when she realizes this is a farewell, though neither of them exchange words as Man-oh orders Sang-gyu to escape with her while he holds Do-sool back. What could he want with her?

Man-ok asks after the reason why Tae-ik and Se-ryung broke up, citing that it must be awfully awkward for exes to live under the same roof. But it’s not like we haven’t seen this type of second lead many times before.

Ever grinning, he tells Man-oh that they finally achieved their wishes, and the people are finally eating thanks to their efforts.

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Too many, I say. She is so cute and pretty.


Posted December 4, Aww, are you going to get Man-ok drwmacrazy He tells Man-oh that it was all worth it just knowing him ah, the bromance and turns to Na-young: Star News via Nate Article from Allkpop. Competition dramacrazg between the troubled students of Kirin and the newly transferred idols from OZ. Fans already know that Jiyeon and Hyorin are the remaining two girls, but word on who the two boys at the side are has not been revealed.

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I still can’t forgive her for that. It somehow makes me like him more than I would otherwise. But I suppose that makes for a more dramatic character and that is only good for the actor. Cant wait for this drama to be aired along side Violent Romance 2 drama that i will keep an eye on.

ldgal Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Tae-ik returns to his room, enraged, but then notices Man-ok lingering outside his door on his computer screen.

Gonna go watch season 1 again while waiting! By the way, I’ve seen spoiler photos, and it looks like they both get new hairdos by the end. Did anyone else feel that there were almost smirks coming up as Man Ok was griping about seeing everything?

Kang Hwi is like a cute puppy. He goes all soft and mushy for her.

Episode #1.8

Omg, girl is actually making sense. Posted Epksode 8, Please enter your username or email address. I gained a lot of respect for him in that drama. Man-ok tells him that she plans on converting it into something useful like a vegetable garden. The cast recently had its first script reading last December 17 in the Kangnam area.


They know where everyone is headed the Inspector General and they know that Minister Lee is missing too.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Please please please, do something about it. Dramacrazyy – the OTP has me floating on the moon – too cute. Most of the time, this is hardly his fault as they are just very different in terms of their attitude and their style of doing things.

That KangHwi talked about Mommy and Daddy for the kitten was really sweet.

Jin Woon plays Jin Yoo Jin. She begs Sang-gyu to rest, and he holds her as she takes in her last shuddering breaths. That’s who he is and the way he likes to live his life. I hate her hair so much! His hand still appears blurry to his eyes and he wonders if he should go back to the hospital.