Army Corps of Engineers 2, acres, Minden Office. Cavity trees are marked with painted, double white bands. Lake Charles Office Area Closed: Restricted to those selected as a result of the pre-application lottery. All castnet contents shall be contained and bycatch returned to the water immediately. This will make it illegal for persons who harvest a deer on those aforementioned properties to transport a whole deer back into Louisiana.

Internal combustion engines and craft limited to 10 Hp rating or less in greentree reservoirs. EXCEPT for mourning dove hunting, provided for below all other hunting activities closed until after the last day of youth deer hunts. Nets and traps prohibited in Ivan Lake. April , , , and Special regulations to be posted at Twin Lakes. Overnight mooring of all vessels 50 feet in length or longer is prohibited. No motorized vessels allowed in the drainage ditches. Duck Season –

Rifle, Pistol and Archery Ranges are open daily from official sunrise to official aeason. Pulling boats over levees, dams or water control structures or any other activities which cause detriment to the integrity of levees, dams and water control structures is prohibited.

Small game same as rest of WMA. No loaded firearms or hunting allowed within yards of Nature Trail.

During the inside closed season, 10 lbs per boat per day heads on maximum may ldwd taken for bait. No horseback riding during gun season for deer or turkey. Twelve dozen crabs maximum are allowed per boat or vehicle per day. Mallard Inn Members Only. Operation of mud boats and air-cooled propulsion engines prohibited after 2: Lake Ramsay Savannah Owner: April,and Hancock Timber 52, acres.


Individual WMA Schedules L-Z

Approval ldwwf agenda V. Fort Polk — Vernon. Internal combustion engines and craft limited to 10 Hp rating or less in the Greentree Reservoir. Contact the Lake Charles Field Office for details.

Hogs may be taken with the aid of dogs Feb. April 6 — May 5 Turkey Youth Lottery: Same as outside except closed after 2 p. Internal combustion engines prohibited year-round.

LDWF Commission adopts notice of intent for hunting seasons, regulations, and WMA rules

Approval of minutes from July 30,meeting VI. No traps or nets left overnight. Deer Archery wmx only: Waterfowl, Snipe, Rail and Gallinules: Army Corps of Engineers acres Area Closed: Call to order III. The harvest of all fish, shrimp, crabs and crawfish is for recreational purposes only and any commercial saeson is prohibited.

All Federal Duck Stamps expire on June 30, regardless of when issued. Additionally, WMA users seaskn cautioned to refrain from utilizing dredge equipment such as pipes, pipeline markers, vessels or any other equipment associated with this project as this poses a safety issue for both the WMA users and dredging contractor. Closed from March 1 — Oct. The complete dates are listed on the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries website at www.


Check out portion of self-clearing permit must include boat registration number under the comments section. See WMA map for details. Operation of internal combustion engines prohibited from September through January.

Lake Charles Office Area Closed: Commercial mullet fishing open only in: Same as outside except closed after 2 p. April 6 — May 5. Use of mud boats powered by internal combustion engines with more than four cylinders is prohibited.

No Hp restrictions on Wham Brake. Size count to conform with open season requirements.

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It is the second time Crittenden has won the contest. Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File. Only overnight campers allowed in the improved Boggy Bayou Camping area.

See dates below Deer Archery either-sex: Army 74, acres, Lake Charles Office Self-clearing permit required daily for all activities. Permit required from the Hammond Field Office. Same as outside and OPEN to squirrel hunting during the spring season, Maywith or without dogs.

Self-Clearing Permit required for deer hunting, feral hog hunting and tent camping only.