Izumi, recently hired by Higashiyama, suddenly kisses Hiroto in front of a big crowd during a relay competition. The final challenge is to write lyrics for a song. Metal Masters — Scan2Go — Beyblade: Meanwhile, Muranishi’s manager thinks he’s been cursed from trying to renovate the office. Cyborg — Elegant Yokai Apartment Life After Lareine helps Hiroto and Seiji escape, they spend time together in the city. And around now would be the perfect time for Kirari to confess her feelings to Seiji. Obaa-chan Koi No Nekomichi!?

Erina joins in unexpectedly. Kirarin Revolution has sold a cumulative total of over 10 million copies. However, Kirari finds herself in a predicament, she loves Seiji, but she always gets nervous around Hiroto. Kirari was so busy with work that she goes in a panic when exams are coming up! Kirari and Hikaru star as superheroes in a new horror movie. And just when Higashiyama Co.

The Swimming Meet of Only Idols!! Kirari decides to give Na-san a chance. Kirari Korekushon ” Japanese: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. A series reflection takes place. Hiroto and Izumi ‘Declaration of Lover!? Now Kirari must continue her idol career without credibility or sponsorship.

But Kouta really sees Naa-san as a best friend Emotionally damaged from Luna’s confession, Kirari holds one last concert.

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Fubuki has already finished her lyrics while Kirari is running out of time! July 24, [18]. Once he wakes up, he tells Kirari about how his younger sister, a musician with respiratory diseaseis in the hospital and wants Kirari to visit her.

In the week of December, the Kirarin Revolution anime series had an average viewership rating of 2. Erina, trying to take place of Kirari, kidnaps Na-san with taiyaki as a bait and ships Na-san into a zoo far away.


Kirari learns that Seiji and Hiroto are members of the idol group Ships. The opening theme songs epsiode ” Koi Kana “, used in episodes ; [7] [8] ” Balalaika “, from episodes ; [9] ; and ” Happy “, from episodesall of which were performed by Kusumi.

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Kirari must compete with Erina Ogura in a cake commercial. As Kirari becomes more recognized by people in the entertainment world, fans and media began to gather around her house. When Kirari is cast as the main role in a drama, the other leading actress tests Kirari’s confidence with lines not in the script. To Kirari’s dismay, her father is against the idea. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. August 31, [14].

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Erina finds methods to impress everyone over Kirari. This is the last episode in 2D. Sayaka to Miku to Natsuyasumi ” Japanese: Having admitted loss, Fubuki remains on good terms with Kirari Kirari and the other idols will make a show on ice, but Kirari can’t skate, and there is a special guest star with them.

These two induce an argument, forcing them to split apart. Now Seiji must introduce a girl to his parents if he’s going to save his career, and that girl is Hiroto and Seiji are confronted by the men in the park, who try to freeze them with magic.

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Na-san, with some background on singing, teaches her how enlgish become a better singer. Koi No Meiro No Nyuuyooku!? The world is coming to an end and only Kirari can save the world with her voice. Kirari’s insecurity about the kiss in the drama interferes with her other idol activities, but with Seiji’s help, she finally gains determination to go through with the climatic scene.


Akane framed Kirari and the news about it spread quickly. However, a sleepy Kirari accidentally gets lost in the city, and without her knowledge of English, how will she find her way back?

March 30, [13]. Although Kirari’s identity is discovered while saving Na-san, her confidence and persistence allowed her to become an idol. Kirari meets a hairdresser with very bizarre methods. She disguises herself and enters the audition. Seiji asks her to a date? Seeing Kirari petitioning to become an idol on his way home, Kirari’s father decides to approve of her request. As the show runs late, Erina convinces the producers to let her perform.

A comedy competition is coming up for idols, so Arashi shows up and puts Kirari and Hikaru through harsh training.

Although Kirari was able xub make a new submission, both Izumi and Kirari’s entry becomes overshadowed by Fubuki’s entry. Kirari naturally chooses Seiji, but she doesn’t know why her heart pounds for Hiroto.

Real Sound in Japanese. Na-san saves Myu-san from a group of bullies.

After Lareine helps Hiroto and Seiji escape, they spend time together in the city. Kirari Shochou Baasasu Kaitou Ekkusu!! Hyoutaro, a guy who Hiroto vowed to form an idol unit with until he moved away. Arashi tries to challenge him with his fairytale performance of love.