While Kazune is drunk, he doesn’t panic as he normally does when a bug passes right in front of him, he says a lot of strange things, then kisses Karin, which causes a lot of commotion. At the last moment, when it seems that all is lost, Micchi appears and gives Karin his ring. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And with the help of Kazusa she defeats Kirio and Kirika. The day for the performance has come, but Karin gets a stomach ache and can’t perform?! Karin’s abilities improve while Kazune grows weaker, fainting even if merely transforming. Meanwhile, strange things are happening with the Himekas.

Glasses Man is Everywhere” Transcription: The next morning Kazune tells Karin that he is worried about becoming nothing without being able to use his God powers. The battle is to make the best curry, and to come last. While Kazune and Karin are talking, Himeka disappears. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor. Because Karin lost her ring, Kazune is left to protect Himeka by himself, until Karin gets her ring back. In the manga, since it didn’t start in Kamichama Karin Chu , it is revealed that Kazune stayed with his sister Kazusa immediately after the battle. While they are running around, Karin learns more about Kazune’s father and his research.

Lists of anime episodes. Dpisode … hey kissed in episode 17part 2. Kazune destroys Kirio’s ring but collapses from fighting. School Festival Dance” Transcription: On the other hand, Karin has switched her outfit with Himeka’s sumo outfit and must run from Kirika so as not to embarrass herself.

Views Read Edit View history. I believe that Micchi and Karin kisses in episode Karin almost has her ring destroyed in exchange for a ch promise of reviving Shii-chan, but Kazune comes and saves it. Kazune kisses karin in episoode 22 part 2 i saw that part! In the opening, the time was in the future. Together they get trapped in the past because of the door of chaos. Which makes the battle field normal again. At Kirio’s house, Karin meets the other Himeka and befriends her. The next morning Kazune tells Karin that he is worried about becoming nothing without being able to use his God powers.


Karin’s class decides to do a cafe with costumes for the school festival. Karin finds a cat in her room that looks remarkably like her dead cat Shii-chan. Karin’s ring was broken by Kwmichama, but she finally remembered her past with Kazune.

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People just need some translators. Episode 20 He hugs her because the eel gratin was alittle bit acholalish but He loves her anyway and they also hug like Alot in kamichama … karin chu!

The battle is to make the best curry, and to come last. Also, Kirika was not a part of the original story. When Karin and Kazune resolve kamicjama squabbling, they separate.

I waited about 2 years and decided that Kamichama Karin Chu wouldn’t come out. Weeks passed together with Karin, Kazune finally defeats Kirihiko. Split and merge into it. Note that none of episodde English translations are official titles. It’s not in Anime yet, but it’s the in the manga Kamichama Karin Chu season 2 of Kamichama Karinand it’s the first volume, first episode.

When does the 27 episode of Kamichama Karin come out

Would you like to merge this question into it? Choose a video to embed. Karin and Kazune are still trapped in Kirio’s house. I just don’t know if there’s a season 2 of kamichama karin Kazune is suspicious of Karin because of the way she was acting earlier. They get first place Meanwhile, strange things are happening with the Himekas.


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During the dance, Kirika takes kamichamw ring without her knowing. She begins school at Seiei Sakuragaoka, but becomes depressed when she realizes she does not know much about Kazune or Himeka. Karin and Suzune found a Seed of Chaos.

kammichama Karin Hanazono is a normal, depressed girl who is feeling lonely after losing her parents some time ago and after her cat “Shii-chan” had recently died. Meanwhile, Kirio tells Kirika that the festival is a perfect opportunity for them, but Kirika is hesitant.

Micchi convinces everyone to go to a hot spring where he switches people’s rings around. But she offers her cute outfit to Himeka instead of using it, for the sake of Himeka’s crush. If you mean the anime, go to youtube. Karin finds Kirika unconscious and realizes that Kirika is a woman.

In what episode of kamichama karin does karin meet jin? But currently, it has been running in Japan. But what happened to the “present Kazune” was never explained.