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iTunes in the iCloud Demo – Download your iTunes songs from iCloud (First Look)

A new feature of the upcoming iTunes and iOS 5 is the ability to download all your iTunes music wirelessly from iCloud. When launched, there will be a subscritpion-based iTunes Match that will also make your non-iTunes music available.


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  1. so im guessing this only works for music and/or videos purchased in iTunes? I've only seen the iCloud icon next to the ones i bought.

  2. What about songs I didn't purchase from the store that are in my itunes?

  3. good lord get to the point already !

  4. I have 3000+ songs, how do I just put them ALL back on my device like I wanted before this "pretty cool app" striped my device of all my music?

  5. so you can't do this with music you haven't legally purchased from iTunes? Like songs you downloaded from other sites and are just stored in iTunes

  6. Doesnt work my music files do not appear in my music although it does the download thing

  7. I'm trying to do this on my laptop, It is telling me that I have to authorize my computer to download past purchases. How do i do that?

  8. But when I click on the cloud it doesn't just download! What do I do?

  9. So I can download all my songs from my computer to my laptop?

  10. Do you need the iCloud to download songs? Because i had my 3rd gen iPod and it has music in them.. and i downloaded them for free..PLease msg me asap

  11. Itunes is so fukin annoying!! Giovin me headaches right now!!

  12. Thank you so much. I hate how I can not figure anything out with itunes.

  13. I have the iphone 8 gigs of storage… I am currently using a lot of space for my music. is there a way I can dump them into icloud, use that 5 gigs for my music storage then delete the music off my phone and get my 8 gigs back for the phone?

  14. What if you bought a song and it wont download on your iPad? >:( I bought like 8 songs and none of them were on my playlist!

  15. so can you only have music youve purchased off itunes ? u cant have cd burnt to it ? i tried icloud on my 3gs and all my albums dissapeared 🙁 would you not be able to get them back?

  16. What if i did not purchase my music? I downloaded it for free. It isnt in my purchased section….

  17. So what is the 5GB of data that we are given for? I thought that I could add music from my library instead of using the match feature. Thanks in advance.

  18. @CorruptedBeast I don't think they are encouraging it; pirated music is a reality and iTunes Match is a way to monetize it and thus making it less 'stolen'. It of course is intended for bonafide usage, and the side effect is that they make the grey area a little whiter.

  19. @how2macc not there isn't a limit on songs photos or any other media

  20. is there a limit? like 8gb of songs? will it cost more?

  21. When will that be available in Canada?

  22. so when you first buy the ipad and get it out the box you dont have to connect to a computer?

  23. help my music option is not showing when setting up icloud in the store tab music is not showing only app and books

  24. @DanielEganFootball you need to have iTunes 1.3.1 installed and then you have to turn on Automatic downloads in the prefs. Also connect your iPad/iPhone to iTunes. Are you a dev?

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