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iTunes 10.5 Update – iCloud purchases

iTunes 10.5 Update – iCloud purchases… check your purchase history & access it from any device.

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  1. when i use 10.5 on my pc i get a data extraction error.. help?

  2. I went back to Snow Leopard and now I heard that it only works with Lion. Is that true?

  3. Still updating! But great video Dave!

  4. but why is mine taking hours to download…

  5. Awww come on Dave, you know you can shoot in front of a window! You're killing me Smalls.

  6. Dave will there be a time when what ever music you have on iTunes including music you may have put on there through a cd/vynl etc that it will be stored in the cloud so when my PC goes belly up I havent lost everything like my girlfriend recently did!!! That onbe reason I still use spotify as no matter where I log on from my music is there! Cheers Andy

  7. Im updating to ios 5 now :D:D:D

  8. @macGURU8909 Downloading music etc from the iCloud service has not.

  9. @nautbijker ja ja 😀 het is dezelfde tijd in Nederlandd als het is in Parijs 😀 maar, ik kan 't nog niet vinden op de Apple website :/

  10. @joethetechiewiipsp I was referring to the purchases in the cloud for music.

  11. @macGURU8909 I was referring to the purchases in the cloud.

  12. @TechNiAll I was referring to the purchases in the cloud.

  13. Dave. Good video. FYI new Lion update live today too.

  14. IOS IS under way !!! Thank you Dave

  15. @bouvanrooij123 IS IT OUT RIGHT NOW? IT'S THE SAY TIME IN PARIS AS IN HOLLAND 😀 (i live in holland)

  16. Guys it's out right now 😀
    1:00 PM in Miami
    6:00 PM in London
    7:00 PM in Paris

  17. this is a great songs which i forgot i bought

  18. I had to click 'Buy' after I entered my apple ID when clicking the iCloud logo next to a previously purchased song. Does that mean I've just had to pay for it again?

  19. why does it say BUY once gone through purchase? surely its a free download as iv bought it before?

  20. hey dave when are you doing a live stream again?? please sub it helps Also Im BRITTISH 🙂 someone who is a brittish geek!

  21. @joethetechiewiipsp This one is for music.

  22. @macGURU8909 itunes in the cloud is.

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