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Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home

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  1. HOW TO GEEK OUT YOUR KITCHEN INEXPENSIVELY – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLnaWG_k8VU

  2. 18 INSANE IDEAS FOR TINY APARTMENT SPACES – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s8WJrfCwsE

  3. BATHROOM REMODELLING IDEAS – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9eMs2rKW94


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  1. But can you do it in a two bed terrace…

  2. You know when you get to a video that you know is going to be awesome but the music kills it? Yeah, this is that video.

  3. These are some great ideas but how am I suppose to do them?

  4. 27 … have u heard of bugs …. i don want wasps tryna build homes outside of my house much less inside bab idk where u live but in the south we can't do this shit :^

  5. Jeez, for gods sake poster, are you deaf!!! What on earth possesses you to add such annoying music to your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. what in the heck is this music:!?! it's terrible!!

  7. Do NOT install an in wall pest control system unless you want to become chemically injured. People get rid of unsafe pesticides and lawn chemicals. They are not safe for you, pets, or children.

  8. Why to people have to ruin their videos with shitty music?

  9. Magnetic walls are a bad idea in this day and age. They can erase memories on electronics like cell phones, tablets and computers.

  10. The entire thing was stupid coming from knowing a lot about construction and music was beyond distracting. And all the 🙂 didn't help anything

  11. Fucking all yell stupid rich peopke

  12. so cool! If I ever hit the lottery; pillow rooms,hidden rooms, baseboard vacuums,accordian windows, and tree house for my guests!

  13. i can't finish the vid coz of the music… i dont care about the mute button… my mood turned off…

  14. damn 1:40 that have that bitch a harry potter room

  15. Regurgitated very uninspiring clip art imagery.

  16. Annoying soundtrack. Why don't you put a smiley after every sentence? Oh wait, you did.

  17. Just give the titles on each slide, don't put a " 🙂 " on every single one of them.

  18. Lots of good ideas, except for the conversation pit. Do you expect that you'll never ever have disabled friends?

  19. 8:50 So people can just spy on you while you take a bath?

  20. Wtf is thta music… I had to quit before the end of the 1st mn !!

  21. If only I had stairs in my house.

  22. Wow. That music is spectacularly bad.

  23. All I see is stuff that needs dusting/maintenance.
    And the kid is hiding in the sex dungeon.

  24. got all your pictures off of Pinterest and didn't even bother to change the original caption. nothing to see (or hear) here.

  25. with ear phones on, this music is painful

  26. I'll have to save lots of money if I want this in the future…

  27. #1. hell to the nah, nobody likes sunken living rooms, fuck off

  28. Am I the only person that liked the music?😂

  29. the open lay out yo these ideas who knew

  30. shit ideas a sunken living room? welcome to the shitty 70's

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