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iCloud bypass iPad air and all iDevices

I just figured this out today and hope it will help you all out. This is a iCloud bypass it does not delete icloud I am still working on doing that. I do know how to delete icloud on gsm sim card iDev


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  1. question. did you ever find that fully removal method? i bought an old iPad online for $50. the guy said it was factory reset so i could just set it up when i got it. but i came across this activation lock screen. i tried contacting the person but seems like he changed his phone number. got me thinking he stole it and thats why it was only $50. but now i can't do anything. i don't want to be limited to what i can do with the iPad. any help will be much appreciated thank you


  3. triеd sо mаааnу things, finаllу this methоd its wоrk tо bураss iсlоud аaаасtivаtiоn >> https://twitter.com/39f3337073236642b/status/719223888815734785

  4. thnaks but i hope you can do a full bypas

  5. It's a start thanks for the info

  6. i wont to ask you something in privat please my facebook is Barbita Mihai Alexandru

  7. i have the some ipad some this it's locked and i cant do my

  8. I'm trying it and not getting true

  9. Just want to say if any of you want to post negative comments or s#*the talk do it on someone else's videos and if you know how to Crack, bypass, hack, or remove iCloud then why don't you post it yourself I am pretty sure that you mostlikley can't do it and that's why you are on YouTube looking for ways to lol.

  10. How do you get rid of the activation lock?

  11. What do you do after all this that you did in the video?

  12. how bout you make a video that shows how to unlock it fully meaning get into the phone not use it on a dns server

  13. How do you do it for Apple Watch? I purchased it from someone and can't get through the Apple ID sign in after factory reset

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