Looks like an exciting confrontation is about to begin! We finally got to hear Kurapika’s theme! In any case, reading Hisoka’s mind AFTER he was revealed to be the mole would probably amount to tell what he wasn’t supposed to tell, or at least Kuroro might have thought it wasn’t worth the risk. Though I’ve never thought of Feitan as being much effeminate or cute. For example, Shizuku’s prophecy said that it was dangerous for her to be alone, so the leader made them team up and not act alone. Kuroro also recalls details from Uvo’s first encounter with Kurapika to theorize that he has at least two abilities and the probable hatsu type. I can understand thinking he might be a girl in the 99 series, where he was voiced by a woman, but in this one, where he’s voiced by Kappei freakin’ Yamaguchi? Hisoka is one crafty creepy bastard!

Love is a song. So with the 99 giving him a female voice that was just WHAT!? I Can’t Wait For Bisquit!!! Available on Manga Store. Hisoka is so damn sneaky. I live how Hisoka is in a shitty situation So yeah, IMO the gamble consisted on the spider believing the chain dude was a bigger threat than it actually was.

I live how Hisoka is in a shitty situation It definitely was a pleasant surprise!

Anyway, Hisoka and Killua stole the show for me in this episode. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Just a new guy here whose favorite series is HxH. Hisoka you tricky bastard! Also, lately Gon’s plans has been really improved more that I now respect Gon even more even he animeulti,a he want to use Kurapika’s blade into his heart.

Looking forward to it. I completely forgot to mention Kurapika’s theme! I dunno it’s kinda dull to just see a motionless image reading off fortunes.

Looks like an exciting confrontation is about to begin! Join the MSP Club for an in-depth look at score progressions and other stats of currently airing anime. Like Hosoka said, telling Kurapika the abilities of only 2 members was a gamble so Kuroro could lead to a conclusion of Kurapika’s abilities and choosing to stay. I would have preferred something like seeing a visualization of the fortunes. Plus, leaving loose ends going home and ignoring a guy who knows their abilities is not a good thing, and also, it’s a chance to avenge Uvo and stop Nobunaga’s bitching.


Hisoka only knew 2 abilities when he met with Kurapika again, it’s explicitly said in the manga. Some may not like it, especially when things are practically dumbed down sometimes, but I honestly appreciate Madhouse’s efforts, at least most of the time haha It’s give huntef take I say. There is of course the subtitles that translate the Hunter Language but for some reason d have them on the same space as the subtitles that are yunter spoken The parts with Gon and the gang go by pretty smoothly.

When I read the manga and watched the anime, it was very vaguely suggested, in my opinion, and it ended up confusing me until I read comments explaining it. It would be so awesome to see! I didn’t get the part when Hisoka said it was a gamble that he only really gave Kurapika the powers of Uvo and Shizuku and not 8 as he told Kuroro.

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He could have told Kurapika everything and it won’t be factor on Kuroro’s decision, because Kuroro is basing his decision from Hisoka’s prophecy, NOT from Kurapika’s perspective. I especially loved his reaction when Kurapika hhnter Gon that the mission was going to be dangerous or something like that and Killua thought “That’s what he wants to hear!!

A common ethic used by most character designers is the eyes, girls will be drawn with bigger eyes to convey emotion while guys will mostly have slanty eyes. Def another good episode I Can’t Wait For Bisquit!!! I love how Hisoka just watches and knows everything that’s going on. Killua’s got some work cut out for him Gotta hand it to Hisoka, he’s playing all of his cards right and is one crafty devil.

I think the leader was confident that they could defeat the chain dude with a good plan because they already found out his motives revengehis background kuruta clanhis job, and they have some nice clues about his abilities. You’ll have to wait a little bit though. Something I just noticed It’s why the 1st premise Hisoka lying about revealing their skills lead to Kuroro figuring out the chain user’s ability and eventually decide to stay?


Ahimeultima brain was so confused with those fortune telling stuff now. Still I do appreciate the closeness to the manga in this episode.

Sums this episode pretty much up. At least we now know his true intentions and that he’s only truly interested humter fighting Chrollo. About deciding to stay despite what the fortunes said, I think it was precisely because if you know how to interpret them, you can strategically avoid their predictions. It’s one of those scenes where good voice acting is a must.

Hunter x Hunter – 12.5

I wonder who would actually come out on top in that fight. The better you keep your ability a secret, the better your chances at survival are yeah, it’s more ninja-savvy than Naruto. Also, Kuroro pretty much says when they first attacked the auction that they trust each other to a good degree by rejecting the possiblity of any traitors in the troupe. Even in 99 version I’m surprised no one from the Troupe brought up Pakunoda’s ability on Hisoka.

Damn, that’s some plan there. It’s actually more surprising that you didn’t know. Loved the part with Killua choking Gon to get him to talk.

Like what difference does it make if he told about 2 or 8 members? BBCode “No matter how much of a genius one is, in front of the Uchiha name, they’re just ordinary people.

Pretty nice episode hunetr thought there wasn’t many action, like the 99 version there was no fight with Hisoka and Nobunaga, looking forward to the next epside. O LOL, it never occured to me to think its a girl. His rape faces and sensual tone crack me up though.