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How to tile | Wall tiling

This video shows how to tile a wall and make the all important scribe cuts. Wall tiling is often difficult and can be time consuming. Hopefully this video will help people when they are wall tiling. If you are unsure about setting out your tiles please see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u08cxdFlfk
For more information on tiling please visit our tiling page

Tiles supplied by http://www.terraneantiles.co.uk/


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  1. wish you lived near me , i would like you to refit my bathroom

  2. Hello. I have not seen how you level your tiles to be "flush" with their adjacent tiles. Can you explain which method you use? What makes the tiles expand? Under which conditions does this occur?
    What is the main usage of this TileTracker device?

  3. Hi, is it necessary to prime the plasterboard first ? It isn't a wet area so doesn't need to be tanked. Thanks

  4. you tile the bathroom floor firts? or you tile the wall 1st???

  5. Excellent video as always – time to put it to practice this weekend.

  6. Good job you mentioned about spacers being 1mm out depending on how you use them. Good video by the way…

  7. Great tips mate I shall bear in mind..I'm doin an apprenticeship in tiling

  8. Thanks for the tips . . .that Tile tracker makes life so easy

  9. Somebody has commented that in Spain they don't space the tiles at all. What do you think of that? Sounds like a good idea as it will save you getting dirty, black grout after a while. Any reason why you wouldn't do that in the UK?

  10. I've heard that you have to use bagged adhesive if tiles are bigger than 300×300. Do you think I could get away with using ready mixed with a 300×500 tile?

  11. If I was a customer I would defiantly not be happy, you've used the wrong mix 😂

  12. should you have used pva glue before tiling ?

  13. thanks mate, do you know where I can get them from, apart from internet. ie tile shop screw fix ??

  14. what are the spacers you use called

  15. Doesn't that lip at the top edge make your bottom row of tiles stick out at the bottom? Great vid by the way, cheers!

  16. How does the tile tracker shape up in tighter areas are the sections telescopic?

  17. Handyman four years on are these still your go to tile spacers? Also, what tile cutter/brand do you prefer? And when would you use the wet cutter?

  18. can tell this guy knows what he's talking about. got a comprehensive knowledge of this game. keep it up matey!!!!

  19. is that the most annoying accent in the world ?

  20. How long do you leave the tiletracker in place? 24 hours?

  21. better to butter each tile as u go to prevent drying of thinset?

  22. That scribe tiling is brilliant in the corners nice one for that

  23. hi im in the process of a tiling job.iv put down a 12mm wbp ply floor and my walls have been skimmed so all levels are good.my query is about tiling around the edge of my bath,is it best to tile behind the bath or butt the tiles on top and also under the door frame i was planning on sliding them under the architrave like you would with laminate floor.sorry about the essay lol 😀

  24. This video is really helpful. My partner and I are about to start tiling up the bathroom but neither of us have done tiling before and two of the tiles we put on a test section fell off when we took out the spacers … how hard are you supposed to press the tiles down – should we be doing this hard enough to flatten out the grooves?

  25. Hi ultimate handyman just a question when tiling to the ceiling cladding do you leave a 5mm gap so you can fill with grout?? or do you butt the tile straight against the ceiling and silicone all around the ceiling perimeter thanks for the help if possible.

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