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How to tile a bathroom/shower wall, a beginners guide. Tiling made easy for the DIY enthusiast!

How to tile and grout a bathroom wall. Beginners guide/tutorial for the DIY enthusiast. Including application of adhesive, grout, edging strip and cutting. The tools, the method, the materials with DIY tips, tricks, how to and review. Please watch my other tiling videos by clicking the following links
For ‘How to tile a bathroom/shower floor’ click https://youtu.be/y75e479ups0
For ‘How to use a tile cutter’ click https://youtu.be/M4yIlWnONp4

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  1. I've got to say this is pretty good technique for a DIY approach! Well done – very helpful!

  2. This is a truly fantastic video mate. You explain it so clearly in laymens terms, use products and tools that are familiar easily available, and the process is very thorough. No mystery left, time to climb in and get tiling!

  3. i put a wooden plywood as false wall then plastered it… can i tile over it or will it fall off

  4. Nice work! Thank you for sharing.!!

  5. hi, i did my own bathroom wall with large tiles, all seems good but i think i used too little adhesive. the finish is flush and level and seems really solid. But i have noticed when i knock on a few their seems to be hollows behind, this must be from where the wall was not as flat as the tile. do i need to drill holes and apply a fix kit or will they be ok?

  6. good work mate,
    the loud music in background when you are talking is unpleasant. could not hear you clearly. great detail.

  7. nice buddy gd tips best I've seen on here

  8. just found your channel your really good like all i have seen lots of good tips thank you!;-)

  9. Your videos are so informative…. love it!!

  10. Great vid! Out of interest, what are the dimensions of those tiles? They look a similar size to the ones I want to use, but I've read that it's best to use a non-premixed adhesive for larger tiles?

  11. didn't know Adam lallana did tiling videos!! Haha. top video. cheers mate

  12. do i need to use anything special on the wall behind the shower tiles to prevent eventual wetting of the plasterboard?

  13. should you pva/water solution on plaster before tileing?

  14. Good guide mate I might give this a go looks fairly straight forward.

    I like how all these tiling experts are watching a video on how to to tile! jokers..

  15. you are good brother.. wish one day i will work with yoy..

  16. Also if you turned up on one of my site with that tiling kit you would not even get a start screw fix tile cutter πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ rubi are the best cutters and the sponges they are car cleaning ones and what about the plastic things you put the adhesive on with I'm pissing myself here I can't wait to see more of your vids πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  17. Your tiles both sides should be the same size end of I've been doing tiling for nearly 40 years mate and I had done that job for some of the contractors I worked for I would not have got any more work from them your rip cuts should always be the same being it on walls or floors that's why you 345 everything and without googling it can you tell me what 345 is or ffl ???

  18. no mate you dont fill the bottom with grout pmsl dont forget to tell them they should leave about 5 mil gap in all the corners so the mastic can get in between the tiles

  19. why have you got differant tile sizes each side of the centre tile lol that is so not how to do tile trim this man is aint got a clue please give me some feed back

  20. my god this is painfull watching this

  21. I will be doing my tiling today, will upload the video on my channel, first time for me, wish me luck lol.

  22. Love your vids man, you go through them step by step and cover loads. Appreciate the time you take to explain the job.

  23. Really enjoyed your video. I have tiled a kitchen and bathroom, I'm not a professional and I'm female. Wish I had your video way back then. You're absolutely right, a good job is about preparation. You can buy all the top brands but if you don't prepare thoroughly it's a waste of time. Though no-one told me what to do I did prep well and took time to think about where I wanted my off cuts to be. I even sawed around the sockets etc, it paid off when a builder friend said he'd seen worse jobs done by professionals. So when I got a quote from a professional tiler for my bathroom and I knew he was hiking up the price because I was a single female I did the job myself, it took days doing it a little at a time but everyone commented on how good it looked. I'm thinking of plastering next so I'll watch your video a few times before I get going with that. Thanks so much for all your hints and tips. Keep them coming.

  24. you want some feedback here we go .you used wrong adhesive .tiles did not meet up .they should be level all the way around .shower should have been tanked first to seal it .mepei is a good adhesive but would use a standard set with a heavy tile .always put bottom wall tile on after floor is finished .far better job .no big dirty grout line when finished .just a bit of advice .as for your tiling itself its pretty good

  25. that's Completely FOOLISH. another Youtube Blind Leading the Blind (for Coin obviously) actually
    Proven/required method is to use a cement based Thinset in a wet condition.
    White Goop IS water soluable As in when (not if) it gets wet the Tiles Fall off.

  26. Pouse,
    As marcus parks says, you should use powdered adhesive – no professional uses tub rubbish. there are other things which you do or dont do that make me wonder why you think that what you are doing is useful to others? eg setting lines then troweling over them?

  27. You should have used thinset mortar not the premix on a shower.That shit goin fall off the wall 2 or 3 years from now lol

  28. tiles to big for tubbed addy, tubbed addy drys by dispersion, need to use a cement addy for that size tile. what about wall weight? 20kg on a plastered wall , 30kg on plasterboard etc, gotta watch those weights and addy, otherwise tiles come off, kids in a bath ,door slams danger. should always back skim that size tile too. i have been to jobs where large tilea and tubbed addy used still not gone off behind tile months later, tubbed fine for small tiles.

  29. yup helps a lot cheers dude keep the videos coming

  30. another good vid dude I'm about to do my bathroom my plaster is old and coming away from walls its done with horse hair an mortar wood it b better to go back to brick an put plaster board up instead of replastering ??

  31. How long have I got to get the tile on the wall before the cement dries out and doesn't stick?

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