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How To: Replacing a Vanity and Sink

Give your bathroom a makeover by replacing your old vanity and sink.

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  1. what kind of silicone do I use to adhere the sink top to the vanity?

  2. My bath sink & toilet are just like the video. BUT what do you do when the wall and corner are not square and flat? The back of the new vanity & sink won't sit against the wall and there is a gap that's too big to caulk. What then? The "expert" installer from Lowe's screwed it to the wall anyway so now I can't return the vanity. Thank goodness he didn't seal the sink-countertop in place so he didn't caulk either and I can unscrew the vanity bottom from the wall but I"m not sure what to do about the gap that can't be hidden by caulk.

    I refuse to replace another rotten wall because water got behind it — so this issue must be fixed BEFORE I let the sink-countertop be attached.

    By the way, why on earth do men go ahead and install something that clearly WON'T WORK???? Why not address the problem BEFOREHAND so the vanity doesn't have to be torn out ?

    Lowe's installers have done this to me four times — once with $7,000.00 in laminate flooring, once with a fridge water line to the icemaker which they installed but failed to hook up to any source of water, and a tile installer who didn't have the right kind of ceramic tile saw for the job, and now this. Guess what boys? If the product doesn't fit or can't be properly installed due to the quirks of an old house or because you don't have the right equipment, then I WILL BUY a DIFFERENT PRODUCT !!! I will NOT keep a product (even one that's been installed) where it looks awful because your little 'fix' didn't work so don't get pissy when I tell you to rip it out —

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