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How to Correctly Set Out a Bathroom for Tiling

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In this video the DIY Doc shows how to set out a bathroom correctly for tiling to ensure that all your tiles are square and true and all vulnerable areas are totally watertight


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  1. how do you get the line straight, going through the pipe of the toilet accurate as this could throw the tiling off

  2. Great video. Pretty much the way I do it as well. Have not used a gauge rod before, but used a tape marked the same way. Gauge rods for different size tiles will make the job a lot easier. Always good to learn things. I have also made templates out of plastic shim to fit most door frames here in Australia which makes marking a floor tile for cutting a lot easier.

  3. why dont you set your first tile at centre of wall so any cuts will be the same either side?.

  4. comments off tradesmen who know it all so predictable I think this is a great video and I like to stay open to learning new things I have worked with some people and they never had one good thing to say about anyone's work, yet there own wasn't that good, you don't wanna do it like that yer wanna do it like this good clear video this for anyone who fancies having a go at it it gives them.a good chance at success I like the vid

  5. As an architect it is good to see the issues tradesmen face in their work so we can adjust our designs accordingly – so remember although I'm not doing any tiling, I am setting out tiles so practical knowledge helps us all.

  6. Guys, you have to remember that these vids are for newbies in the game, we all had to learn once, I've been a tiler for many years and still look at how 'others' do it, don't be so proud to believe that you know best, we live and learn every day, that's what make us good. to the presenter – carry on the good work, its informative and as accurate as it needs to be at this level.

  7. When tiling floor and walls in bathroom do you tile walls first and then floor or floor then walls

  8. Theres more to it than that…you also got to think about ur top and bottom of window,top of ur door frames, any boxing that mite be in ur bathroom,ceiling and floor,shower outlets.etc ..take a little more time also to think of these to get ur tiles to look even more better..trick is to try and av no little cuts for best look

  9. Fantastic video Im a painter decorated by trade and was asked by a customer if I tile I said nope she asked did I wanted to try I said sure so 46 boxes later she's extremely happy with the end result just wouldn't recommend using glass tiles as a border if its your first time but thanks for this video it helped greatly.

  10. Setting out for tiling 3 walls in a kitchen worktop to ceiling would you recommend to center the tiling on the box for the fan in the corner of the room or would you center the tiling on that box and let that rule the placement of the tiling on the 2 walls connected to that corner built out?

  11. How to Correctly Set Out a Bathroom for Tiling: http://buff.ly/1BtxfQU via YouTube

  12. Never heard of a tape measure then? Last time i used a staff stick was when i was serving my time. Who did you serve your time with then?

  13. Wtf. Why on earth is he using a staff stick to set out a wee bathroom?? Pmsl

  14. didnt agree with alot of his methods but hey tiling isnt for everybody

  15. Hi everyone,I was thinking of doing my bathroom in tiles so thought I would try do it myself.watched lots of vids and this one did me best for the information it gave me,it's also good to see other people's take on things.thank you.

  16. tile floor first make sure it is level first wall tile goes on top , this guy is mad  


  18. Great video, very good explanations and tutorial. I have learned quite few new things. Thanks a lot.

  19. Where you have that vertical pencil line so close to the bath, aren't you going to have a skinny column of tiles next to the bath?

  20. Good video but wouldn't it be better to tile behind the edges of the bath and wash basin before they are fitted rather than tile to the edges?

  21. Great video – as a complete novice I found this video extremely comprehensive – I certainly didn't find it repetitive. I especially liked the tips on filling the bath, using white spirit and masking tape – all tricks of the trade that I would never have thought of. Now off to rip the existing silicone from the bath and redo it – wish me luck!!!

  22. Hi is it recommended to start on tiling the floor or walls first or doesnt it matter???

  23. this is an excellent and informative video. thank you for the in depth explainations as i will need them because i have uneven and out of plumb walls in my shower.

  24. Christ on a bike!! Ive not seen a staff stick in about 20 years….

  25. I am, and have been looking to take up tiling, and am looking for a course in "tiling" can you maybe recommend someone that can give me some tips or any courses

  26. 5mm joint on a wall is a poor idea to make the wall more water resistant. aesthetically not the best as the grout would discolour over time. 5 to 6 mm is for floors. use 2 mm for walls and "make sure you have good grout penetration"

    verticals are plumb and horizontals are level and never cut around pottery or fitted items. thats a poor job. always try and use a full length batten and no two piece as depicted as you will never get them both "LEVEL" you will end up with column drift. not bad diy

  27. I've done quite a few tile jobs and I still felt that this was very helpful. I liked the way the presenter patiently gave explanations and explained why things were preferable.

  28. your walls are plumb not level…..just saying

  29. Hi
    Apologies if you think we are repeating ourselves a bit, we are only trying to hammer home the point that the end result will only be as good as the preparation that you put in at the beginning.

  30. Lost interest after 12 minutes. Please stop repeating everything…

  31. The same method is used in Greece, with the difference that instead of wooden sticks use metal rod 20mm by 40mm!!! Nice job.

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