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Home Improvement: Tool Time Part 2

more clips from the tv show home improvement.


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  1. if it doesn't say Binford on it, somebody else made it.

  2. America knows how to laugh!! This is a TOP AMERICAN COMEDY TV SHOW!! Real Tools for Real USA Men to use Correctly!!

  3. When the camera gets shot I cant stop laughing

  4. 0:40 'and no loose clothing'

    Tim's shirt comes off


  5. i still have a bat i made in hs woodshop.its 36 in and over 3 inches."

  6. It is uncanny how Al looks like "Bob Vila" in the still attached to this video.

  7. Hi good people love it great show still watching this is 2016 Yeah !!!!!!💯

  8. Now all we need is a square peg, Al hope in! LMAO!

  9. 7:05 And it was at that moment that Tim knew, he f@*ked up. LMAO!!!!! 

  10. I should make my own line of Binford tools… just because they say binford on it they would sell like hot cakes…and of course people would want to buy them because of the collection value due to the binford name being on the tools… this show aired for a while and theres lots of home improvement fans in america… maybe I should make sure someone didnt release a line of binford tools first haha

  11. 'If it doesn't say Binford on it… Somebody else makes it.'

  12. I swear at 3:30 they were in San Diego.

  13. he didnt die,a blogger with the same name passed away

  14. Blood, Sweat, & Gears looks like a modified version of my dad's truck. Same paint job, too.

  15. 2:52 they are talking about a womrn

  16. pamela anderson looks so good, and young,.,.,., good memories!!!!!!!!!

  17. I havent seen this since i was a kid! ooh those terrible Norwegian dubs…

  18. fucking spike i see he is trolling barley even in doing "improvments"

  19. Even when Tim is being serious, something always happens.

  20. Almost more than a man can take… oh ho ho. 5:03

  21. 0:00-9:22 made my stomach burst open from laughter!

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