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Home Improvement Titles

Opening Titles for Home Improvement Seasons 2 and 3.


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  1. Haven't seen this in a long while. Nice when TV shows HAD intros, right? Wish I could find the full sequence for season 1. I remember it vaguely…similar to this intro, but had a few differences.

  2. @ilovedisney35 well nick at nite, TBS, WGN they always cut the theme song, and made it about 20 seconds. this looks like it was aired when the show was first coming out, I dont think its on ABC anymore, and its not on NIck at nite either, however it will be on TV land, which they will properly cut it too. YOur best bet for uncut is the DVD, it has everything uncut, including parts of the episode that was not seen on TV

  3. now its gonna be on Tv land!!! 😀

  4. oh by the way this is the version of the song used in televisons greatesr hits Vol 7 expet the quote at the end was cut just a fun fact if you did not know

  5. use this on nick at nite rather that stupid short one who agrees

  6. yup she says "what do ya think? should we put the kids in the middle?"

  7. The only season when Jill had curly hair wuz season 2.

  8. I don't remember this. What season (or what episode(s)) was the theme song with those pictures seen?

  9. 5 best shows ever:
    Home Improvement
    Family Guy

  10. wow, this is the first time I've seen the full opening, [email protected] needs to show this ending, not the cut 30 sec opening

  11. OMG i remember this used to be on when i was about 3-5 years old, its bad enough they dont make shows this good anymore, i love old sitcoms tht have the laffing in it XD

  12. I love this show! Hysterical. One question: Is this an actual song, or a jingle made specifically for the show…?

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