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Home Improvement – Tim’s Greatest Accidents Collection

Home Improvement’s Tim Taylor may just be the most accident prone man on earth. Here is a little compilation of Tim’s greatest accidents. Video has been cleaned up, reprocessed, and upscaled for the best possible quality.



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  1. Tim stop playing with buttons and switch

  2. Is Tim trying to get himself killed

  3. The insurance company is never gonna believe this

  4. Tim Taylor is actually an idiot when it comes to repairs in the household.

  5. Tim Taylor indemnifies the Occupational Health and Safety Act from any suits which will arise from Tool Time

  6. Man Homer and Tim would be a great combination

  7. 0:23, the Lawnmower incident that spawned The Simpson's classic parody of it where Tim kills Wilson with the Lawnmower on the Episode of The Simpsons where Homer joined NASA and went to space.

  8. These are just like Steve Urkel's accidents!

  9. i never get tired of watchin tim allen get hurt. too damn funny. i miss this show it was classic husband is dumbass kind of show. tim is a walkin accident. i wonder if he needs help getn dressed in the morning n such cas everything tim touches it breaks or ignites ect.

  10. Damn this show was frickin great.. I just wish they would bring it back tho

  11. What a wonderful childhood memories of this show i see this on TV3 Estonia and we called this (Kodu Korda) and i loved this watch this on every saturday evening. Man i love it today. #HomeImprovement

  12. I have a strong suspicion that he may have inspired Johnny Knoxville.

  13. At 2:12, I wish you had made the clip a tiny bit longer because after Tim gets shocked, he just grabs his coat and leaves the studio without saying anything! LOL he was done for the day after that!

  14. The one with the turtle was actually 5×5, and it was called "Advise and Repent". My mistake.

  15. Tim at 2:28 – "OW!!" Ornaments, ornaments, ornaments, ornaments, ornaments!" Now he knows how Daniel Stern felt in "Home Alone".

  16. Here's the list of episodes in which these accidents happened: Pilot – 1x1Mow Better Blues – 1x2Satellite on a Hot Tim's Roof – 1x4Adventures in Fine Dining – 1x6Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble – 1x9Reach Out and Teach Someone – 1x10Look Who's Not Talking – 1x11Yule Better Watch Out – 1x12Forever Jung – 1x15Jill's Birthday – 1x16What About Bob? – 1x17Baby, It's Cold Outside – 1x18Al's Fair in Love and War – 1x23Stereo-typical – 1x24Rites and Wrongs of Passage – 2x2Overactive Glance – 2x3Groin Pains – 2x4May the Best Man Win – 2x8Let's Did Lunch – 2x10Abandoned Family – 2x11I'm Scheming of a White Christmas – 2x12Howard's End – 2x14Dances with Tools – 2x16Bye Bye Birdie – 2x18Karate or Not, Here I Come – 2x19Shooting Three to Make Tutu – 2x20Much Ado About Nana – 2x21Ex Marks the Spot – 2x22The Great Race – 2x25Maybe, Baby – 3x1Aisle See You in My Dreams – 3x2This Joke's for You – 3x3Arrivederci, Binford – 3x5Dollars and Sense – 3x9A Frozen Moment – 3x10Feud for Thought – 3×11'Twas the Blight Before Christmas – 3x12Dream On – 3x14Reel Men – 3x15Swing Time – 3x22What You See Is What You Get – 3x23Back in the Saddle Shoes Again – 4x1Don't Tell Momma – 4x2Let's Go to the Videotape – 4×7'Twas the Night Before Chaos – 4x12Brother, Can You Spare a Hot Rod? – 4x14It's My Party – 4x17A House Divided – 4x18Jill's Surprise Party – 5x4Let Them Eat Cake – 5x6Doctor in the House – 5x10Tanks for the Memories – 5x15The Vasectomy One – 5x16Fear of Flying – 5x17The Bud Bowl – 5x20Mr. Wilson's Opus – 5x23Shopping Around – 5x24At Sea – 6x1I Was a Teenage Taylor – 6x7Jill and Her Sisters – 6x8The Tool Man Delivers – 6x9The Karate Kid Returns – 6x14A Funny Valentine – 6x16Quest for Fire – 7x1Room at the Top – 7x3Thanksgiving – 7x9The Old College Try – 7x12What a Drag – 7x16The Write Stuff – 7x20Home for the Holidays – 8x11Knee Deep – 8x15Love's Labor Lost: Part 1 – 8x18Trouble-a-Bruin – 8×23

  17. We'll be right back, after these worlds longest important messages, from Binford Tools!

  18. 7:26 isn't that the Monica and Rachel's downstairs neighbour who died on Friends?

  19. 6:166:42 NEVER let Tim drive a tank or play with a machine gun EVER again!

  20. And I thought Homer Simpson had it rough

  21. "Ho ya Godzilla" is what Tim said in that clip from Season 2 Episode 19. A vague interpretation anyways.

  22. With having so many accidents, I'm surprised that Tim's lucky to be alive.

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