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Home Improvement Tim the toolman taylor versus Al

Tim is his usually self and challenges Al to a friendly competition.


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  1. Damn I remember watching this show when I was like 3 or 4. Time flies

  2. Great show. Always put a smile on my face😀

  3. Watching this show makes me want to grunt and go to a car show. We need shows like this now.

  4. Im looking for the episode where tim tricks al into thinking hes in a sound proof box and al starts shouting stuff out, can anyone help me ?


  5. I just rememberd what I like the most about this show…


  6. Nuthin like a few railroaded joints to make for a bumpy,oops…I mean smooth wall?

  7. what is the eposide when jim and al have to shink down into a car then jim steps on al

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