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Home Improvement – Tim & Jill Karaoke

Tim & Jill singing a Sonny & Cher classic in a hotel. (And I’m aware I misspelled it in the intro. I give myself an T for trying. ^_^) COPYRIGHT 2011 FTN


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  1. Best sitcom ever. I don't give a shit what anyone thinks if they think otherwise.

  2. Tim Allen rarely wore his glasses while playing Tim Taylor but it appears that he should have for this scene – he's having obvious trouble seeing the words.

  3. This was such an amazing show. Shame how Tim Allan turned out to be a right wing prick.

  4. Pat Richardson…good voice, & great legs! 😉

  5. Damn Patricia gives me goosebumps…. great voice!

  6. Patricia Richardson gefällt mir sehr. Interessant mal ihre Originalstimme zuhören die sie noch charmanter  erscheinen lässt. Wir hören ja sonst "nur" die Synchronstimme.

  7. I love Patricia Richardson and tim allen
    I sea you together

  8. I love Patricia Richardson and she and Tim are so incredible together.

  9. I was surprised at how well Jill sang in this. Of course… It would have been out of character for Tim to sing well at all, and he didn't 🙂 Very entertaining

  10. @HinamoriUtau Epic fail…of course I meant Tim Allen's c.c

  11. This is so cute. I love Tim and Jill <3
    And I really like Tim Alleown voice (grew up with the german dub ^^)

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