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Home Improvement SNES Video Game Review S3E03 | The Irate Gamer

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This is the Irate Gamer Channel, home of video game reviews, game play, and all sorts of 1980’s nostalgia. All videos come from the creative mind of Chris Bores.

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Irate the 80s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnjuCmyZm1g


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  1. These videos are brilliant. I've been waiting about 30 episodes to tell you that because most have disabled comment sections. You should undo that so people like me that love to comment can let you know how much we enjoyed them!

  2. Kinda like when sonic gets hit and has zero rings he dies

  3. people can say what they want, but Chris is really talented. I wish more people would appreciate all the work and effort that's put into these videos….

  4. why's it say season 2 at the beginning?

  5. Home Improvement on the SNES feels like your playing Jurassic Park

  6. It just needs some GAME IMPROVEMENT

    get it?

  7. I think your controller is fucked up in this, you can shoot straight ahead of you as well as up and at an angle. The jack hammer can be used to kill the annoying ant things. Also the crates carry the new Binford line of tools that are described in the intro that you obviously clicked right through. The game is hard as hell, but once you get used to the mechanics, its pretty fun, and by the way, real men don't need instructions.

  8. He should make a part2 to this review

  9. lol this guy looks like a republican. DISLIKE

  10. I love watching these older reviews. Memories.

  11. "Real men don't need instructions" was probably the slogan for Binford Tools back around the time the game was released, which was 1994 or 1995.

  12. Anyone else notice that he had the Genesis Game Genie code book and not the SNES one? 😉

  13. if you like chris bores then you might also like my videos. check them out if you have some tim

  14. This looks more like a game to rent than buy

  15. Does he actually destroy all the games in the videos?

  16. seems like every video of his that people connected to avgn is now blocked in the comment section this is the first one i could find that lets me comment XD

  17. I like IG. I watched him with other reviewers when he first started. The only reason I haven't kept up with him is because he started doing his own thing. He started using his made up characters in every episode and I didn't really find it that funny. Also, his episodes were a little short in length. Still these older reviews are pretty good.

  18. What's the song at the beginning of the video?

  19. Wow lol. Also, needless to type, posted on 9/11's 7the anniversary.

  20. I really hate how people think Chris is such an explicit reviewer. I mean, he is, but thats kinda his thing. I don't see why people are hating on him for how he does his videos.

  21. The box is fake, and you don't get a notice sheet. The game's box does come with a booklet, but does have a sign over the pages that says "Real men don't need instructions."

  22. Man, Chris is funny. You're like the Robert De Niro/Al Pacino/Joe Pesci/Christopher Walken of video games!

  23. Where's the Irate Gamer: Movie ??? Start an IndieGoGo so you can get 320K then charge us twice for it !!!

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