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  1. just when you think people couldn't get anymore stupid…They do something like this and prove their even stupider than you thought

  2. Just received the complete 25 DVD boxed set of "Home Improvement" from ebay this week! ($70). Enjoying it all over again!!!

  3. not sure if I ever saw this one, funny.

  4. you see back in 1991 I know that everybody is complaining about the sound but there are higher concentrations of helium in the world

  5. Quit your whining just be happy that it hasn't been taken down. you want a better version? Download it then upload it yourself

  6. Bahahahahahaha, I have no idea what is up with the sound, so I can't watch it…but it made me laugh lol

  7. whats with the sound sorry cant watch it

  8. finally, the shows actually funny! who knew all it took was to make their voices high-pitched? but did tim call a tool a Binley XYZ instead of a Binford XYZ? if so, they mustve changed the name later for some reason.

  9. did he say, "that's a Binnly"? shouldn't it be Binford?

  10. GOD, this show was magic for men! ag, ag, ag, ag!

  11. You know, you don't have to slim their voices for copyright. This show has ended for over 15 years now.

  12. I guess it's been sped up to avoid copyright infringement?

  13. wtf with the voice! thanks for fucking up chrismas

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