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Home Improvement – Scottish Highland Games

In the same episode as FTN’s own “Rites and Wrongs of Passage” airs, Tim tries to be scottish in the Highland Games. Gonna get hate comments for the end remarks though…X_X…I just know it. Don’t worry, We’re going to try to interweave LOTHT and HI. And yes, we do requests. Copyright 2009 FTN.


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  1. Love this video clip of Home Improvement

  2. what motor was in the 1984 Mercury Grand Marqie Wagon?

  3. Ah, bagpipes. The missing link between noise and sound. –Danny Bhoy.

  4. Another car has fallen victim to Tim. Atleast he didn't say it was Jill's fault like with the steel beam.

  5. Lol… Of course Tim would destroy Al's Car!

    I have a request, Can you upload the episode when Tim explodes the dishwasher? I think it's first season and I'm not sure but I think it is also first episode.

    Thanks =)

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