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Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit – Game Grumps

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  1. Featuring cameos from Spike And Barley.

  2. 8:08 I'm ashamed that I know what "sound me" means. The dark side of Reddit really fucks up a person…


  4. shout out to that moment where Danny says "THAT'LL BE FOUR BUCKS BABY" and sounds nothing like Leigh Daniel Avidan @5:55

  5. I died laughing when Arin was imitating the grunts… hahahahhahahah

  6. I look up home improvement memes and get game grumps. Yes please.

  7. I almost forgot to watch this today

  8. Can there be a show called "Gloom Grumps" hosted by Nathaniel Flavidan?

  9. 12:02
    "get those nuts, dude!"
    "i got them, i got them"

    can't believe game grumps invented the "deez nuts" meme

  10. I accidently search gae feumps and it came up woth game grumps. Nice job youtune

  11. they said the home improvement noise approximately 22 times in this episode jesus christ

  12. Why not "The Pursuit of Power Tools."?

  13. Dark souls ruined my expectation of moving crates…. I was sure it was a mimic that was going to eat you

  14. This video, but everytime Arin says "hhhheeuuuuughghhghhhhh" it gets faster

  15. That actually seems somewhat fun right now…

  16. Matthew Broderick did Simba's voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. um these fucking guys didn't even know how to use the nail gun and the whip at the same time

  18. If Tim is shooting nails on a sound stage, doesn't that mean he's shooting nails around stage hands and possibly injuring and/or murdering various people?

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