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Home Improvement – Greased Lightning Scene

Another fabled (read ‘forgotton’) moment on Home Improvement: The Greased Lightning scene! Copyright 2008 Futuramklax Inc. (Coming soon: The Man’s Dorm Room!) ^_^ ¥a¥!!!


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  1. does anyone remember mark's old idea for the reveal?

  2. Oh yeah love the babes especially Heidi! Like the greased lightning too though but what's with the voices?

  3. That was the best 3 1/2 minutes if the entire series!!!

  4. it's the best greese lightning version ever

  5. This must've been such a hard segment to do without cracking up!

  6. cannot believe they dumped confetti in that new interior

  7. patricia in tight trousers mmmmmm

  8. This scene must have been so much fun to shoot.

  9. aaahhhh i always will forever remember this scene! Lol

  10. You can tell Patricia had fun doing that scene..

  11. Is he really singing or they used Travolta's voice?

  12. Ahhhh I miss pre-9/11 pre- Recession TV Shows

  13. You were probably watching re runs then because this show ended when I was like 10 or something and I'm 23 now.

  14. You hit the nail right on the head.

  15. Why this car is chopped, its shaved, its recessed, why its Greased Lightning!!!

  16. Its sad that kids will never know what it was like to watch TV in the 90s. Tons of great sitcoms, not to mentions shows in general. Nothing like whats on tv today. there used to be something to look forward to every night of the week!

  17. for all german fans:
    In Germany the episode called "Videokunst"

  18. what episode is this from the show?
    lol ilove this

  19. This was better than the original!

  20. The best part of the scene is 1:45, when Jill makes her entrance.

  21. hell, pat richardson is still hot. I wish I Had her aging secret 🙂

  22. Two things one Wilson's apperance on this video & as for Jill, she on MILF.

  23. The Greased Lightning scene was in season 8 in the episode called "mark's big break"

  24. I remember watching this a while back for the first time. I do believe I nearly fell out of my chair.

  25. Which episode and season was this? This might be on the season dvds just like Do The Bartman

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