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Home Improvement – George Foreman on Tool Time

This is from a request we thought we had lost, but guess we overlooked: George Foreman on TOOL TIME!!! W00T?!? Sorry about the wait time for the requester, and thanks to all the people who watch the Futuramklax Television Network, where, “If you desire it, we’ll try to acquire it!” Copyright 2009 Futuramklax.


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  1. George Foreman's open glove fighting style made him a very dangerous opponent. He leaves his fists open as if he's trying to catch his opponent's punches, and then he fires back with power shots

    He never got his rematch with Ali

  2. a sandwich which is George Foreman's answer for just about everything

  3. 3;52 Easy on the wood.It ain't Joe Frazier.

  4. A boxer that loves food.Any other reason to like George Foreman?

  5. IM A 10000000000000000000000% SURE HE ACTUALLY HIT THE NAIL LOL!!!

  6. Ahhh George Foreman. I love his grills. Nothing cooks burgers and steaks better than a George Foreman grill.

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