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Home Improvement. Final Curtain Call.

The final curtain call of one of my favorite shows of all time.


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  1. No matter how many times I watch this curtain call clip, I'm always moved to tears. This was an outstanding show. I wished that Jonathan Taylor Thomas would have gotten over himself and participated in this series wrap-up. It would have been a class act thing to do. Instead, it just made him look like a selfish, self-centered spoiled brat. Regardless, this is very touching, and a beautiful, but sad, farewell. Wishing all involved, all the bestπŸ’.

  2. jill sucked brads neck after she kisses him

  3. I loved this show. It was sad when it ended.

  4. someone who was a man who wore pink like a woman


  6. Best show ever ever ever!!!
    I miss this show so much. πŸ™

  7. can't believe Jonathon didn't come back for the last episode

  8. Kinda wish they would do this with Tim and Jill being grandparents… just give me one season more (unfortunately no wilson :-/ )

  9. loved this show, miss it so much it was good comedy and didn't need vulgarity to gain attention or laughs.

  10. I felt like my childhood ended with this show 😒

  11. I have fond memories of this show because me and my so watched this every week together ..very good family show..!..

  12. I totally hate seeing them leave I love their show

  13. Only Kid Was Missing Randy Play Jonathan Taylor Thomas AKA JTT And Pamela Anderson Who Play Lisa

  14. Where was Jonathan Taylor Thomas ?

  15. Still watch it in re runs. SUCH a great show.

  16. but why stop it was the best show ever! πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜°πŸ˜°πŸ˜“πŸ˜“

  17. If you miss this show like I do because LIFE happened!. Watch the LAST MAN STANDING!

  18. I think one thing that comes through on a show is whether the cast like each other. The show is much better when they do.

  19. This, Full House, Raynond, Cosby Show, etc had endings so great that the entire cast say their goodbyes to the audience. Finales like those shows will never be the same.

  20. I can tell Wilson is sick by how white he is and blood shot eyes

  21. RIP Wilson. πŸ™ 1942 -2003

  22. I remember seeing another curtain call will their neighbor came out with a picket fence held up to his face only showing his eyes ears and his some of his nose

  23. They should've saved Wilson (Earl Hindman) for last!

  24. so sad.. wish it coulda gone on forever for them. sucks things have to end.

  25. How come the actors and actresses never say that the one thing they will miss form the show are the paychecks?

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