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Home Improvement clip of ‘The Man’s Bathroom’ segment

From season 3 episode 10, one of my favorites, the ‘Man’s Bathroom’ segment.


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  1. my favorite scene in Home Improvement.

  2. Also useful if a deer wonders into your bathroom LOL!

  3. my dream house has this bathroom just one small adjustment a game system

  4. Tim: I'm Tim the Tool Man Taylor and you all know my assistant Al It's my Potty and I'll Cry If I Want To Boreland!!

    Al: Can't resist the bathroom humour can you Tim?


  5. I need to get started on this project!

  6. This show needs to come back in 2017

  7. Now THAT is what i call a bathroom. The best part is that the toilet is also a recliner and you can watch the football game at the same time

  8. it's my potty and I'll cry if I want too 😀

  9. If I had that bathroom, I would never leave. EVER

  10. I wish i had a bathroom like this

  11. what episode and season was this segment from?

  12. Do You think you could find me out Season + Episode of the Episode where one of them two get's stucked to the Toilet because of coated glue :DD? Please please please xD giggles

  13. It's nice to see a segment where Tim doesn't get hurt, hurt someone else, or blow something up. It's ironic that his current show is titled "Last Man Standing," because, on "Home Improvement," he was usually the first man NOT standing.

  14. That is awesome, espicially the TV and headlights part

  15. My favorite clip from the show. But it just now occurred to me: This man's man is wearing a pink shirt.

  16. ….and watch them from the JOHN 🙂

  17. Touchdown! Lol I miss good tv like this.

  18. Yea, most sitcoms are a lost cause today. I watch Tim's new show 'Last Man Standing' but it's nothing compared to Home Improvement.

  19. I'd rather watch every episode of home improvement again rather than watching some of the crap shows on tv now

  20. I want one just for the toliet seat. ^.^

  21. Boy I'm surprised nobody commented about a true fact: mans bathroom has come a long way to that point…….IPHONES

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